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  1. In my subjective opinion, love is nothing more than an altered state of the human psyche caused by the release of the hormone dopamine into the blood. In this state, a person opens up a strong “tunnel vision”: the subject does not perceive criticism of the object of adoration, idealizes it. This condition is extremely dangerous, and therefore amnesiacs of classes B, C and Omega are used to employees of the Foundation who are diagnosed with love

  2. Love refers to complex feelings.

    If you break it down into simple feelings, the formula is: joy+acceptance=love.

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  3. I think it's both. The part where I feel something for the other person is the feeling (obviously). But under its influence, I personally change not only in relation to the object of love, but also in general – my behavior and way of thinking change to some extent, i.e. my state changes.

  4. Many people also classify love as one of the varieties of mental disorder, if this is too scientific.

    Therefore, given this fact, and the fact that even making a sentence in which love acts as a feeling is quite difficult (feel fear vs. love, experience joy vs. love ), I am inclined to the state option.

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