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  1. Of course, it is, because a person, unlike an animal, has the right to choose. In every animal, instincts are initially laid down, according to which it lives and cannot change anything. A person is endowed with reason and by understanding any situation can act as he does not want to at this time, i.e. go against his desires,understanding that they harm him.This is called showing willpower. This is the first and main part of the answer to this question . Second, man to man discord everyone has his own character, which he receives by the way from birth..Let's ask ourselves why the same parents give birth to children with completely different characters. And the answer, as it is not unfortunate to hear, lies in the study of astrology, the basic knowledge of which, by the way, is hidden from humanity.,Only those that are available after you've studied them (not all of them) I would like to call it pseudoscience. So the forces that affect a person that the author of the question had in mind create planets. Or more precisely, their configuration, which is constantly changing and guides the desires of a person. But to act according to these desires depends on each person individually. As they say,”THE STARS INCLINE, BUT DO NOT OBLIGE.”

  2. Man is the creator. If he is not the creator of his life, but a puppet, then why do you look around when you cross the road? If we were under the control of any power, then the world would be calm, there would be no wars, no conflicts, no disputes. There are no gods, no forces controlling us. We wouldn't need a brain and its thinking ability if we were “dolls”.

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