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  1. Cool photo with a girl. Can I link to it?

    Masturbation is generally not harmful and natural. The only thing that can go wrong is certain incorrect expectations of sex in children/teenagers. And the need for the same guys to present themselves in a certain way, which often hinders girls (“this bitch has to come in a few minutes, otherwise something's wrong with me”). Girls also develop a variety of undesirable behaviors due to various porn videos, whether they want to or not. Otherwise, it's all right.

  2. Yes, it is harmful, and not only at the level of the psyche, but also neurophysiology. There is a lot of research, read scientific calculations, instead of any Q's. Each female that appears in front of the male causes stimulation of nerve connections, which should be discharged by fertilization with the subsequent refractory phase. In porn, you can see dozens and hundreds of females that cause hyperstimulation, releasing dopamines dozens of times more. It's not addictive, but it feels like you'll feel the difference after a while between a porn orgasm and regular sex, like Tom Yam Thai soup with a bunch of different condiments and unsalted hospital broth with boiled noodles.

  3. In general, if you do everything “wisely” and are aware of this, then masturbation on porn is absolutely harmless. It can even be called useful, as the body “reboots”, irritability goes away, mood improves, and so on. This is especially useful when a person has a forced break in sexual activity.

    However, if masturbation becomes a complete substitute for sex (after adolescence), then this can negatively affect the further sexual life, especially if the person currently has a sexual partner. During adolescence, porn can be dangerous because it creates the illusion of sex.

    Still, you should understand that pornography has a lot of fictional and staged things that people don't do in real life. But teenagers do not have the knowledge of what is real and what is not. And because of this, there are often problems like “I can't have sex for so long”, “I have a small penis”, “I saw in porn that this is possible, but I can't do it” and so on.

  4. The harm of pornography for people who treat it uncritically lies primarily in promoting the view of sex as an unequal relationship that occurs in the interests of only men. In current pornography, porn actresses, unlike porn actors, usually do not have orgasms, and there are usually no sexual practices that make women more likely to be satisfied, such as manual clitoral stimulation and cunnilingus. There are often types of sex that are unpleasant or traumatic for women, such as deep blowjobs, facial ejaculation, or anal sex that not all women like. In male viewers, this may contribute to sexual selfishness or a tendency to force women into unpleasant sexual practices. Pornography often involves or depicts direct violence, more often against women, which can promote sexual and physical violence against women among men.

    The vast majority of modern pornography, where the commercialization of sexuality increases the existing gender inequality in society, for female porn actresses is actually a form of prostitution, that is, sex in the interests of men only for money without desire and pleasure, with possible negative consequences in the form of problems with sexual desire and satisfaction outside of this occupation, negative consequences for physical and psychological health, alcohol or drug addiction, and others.

    Adolescents are less likely to be critical of pornography than adults, and in conditions of gender inequality, when pornography is not the only form of encouraging men to socially connect sexuality with aggression, adolescent boys may learn such a connection from pornography. The impact of pornography on girls is a more complex issue. In the context of patriarchal restrictions on women's sexuality, masturbation to pornography can contribute to the disclosure of sexuality in matters of desire and satisfaction. But some women reported negative effects of inequality in pornography on physical and psychological satisfaction with their sexual activity, or the association of viewing pornography with their tendencies to masochism and submission to men in sex, which is also a problem of gender inequality.

    In addition, the possibility of developing an addiction to pornography was noted. Watching pornography increases the level of dopamine and other mood-enhancing substances. But then the pendulum can swing in the opposite direction, there will be a deterioration in mood and develop depression with a deterioration in performance, which can be difficult to get rid of without a new viewing of pornography. In this way, pornography addiction can be similar to drug addiction. The possibility of withdrawal, apathy, alienation from people of the other sex, deterioration of the ability to build relationships with them, show empathy and strive for emotional intimacy was noted when pornography was preferred to real relationships. Viewing pornography can be time-and money-consuming. Pornography supports standards of appearance, especially for women. As a result, a real woman may not be attractive enough for a man, and a woman may become dissatisfied with her appearance, spend resources on maintaining her appearance, and in the worst case, resort to operations that are common among porn actresses and, to a lesser extent, among porn actors, including harmful to health.

    Different areas of feminism have different attitudes to pornography. Some are in favor of bans and restrictions, others are positive about pornography and do not see inequality in it, and still others are in favor of developing an alternative in the form of equal body image and sex. In any case, sexual education is needed that teaches a critical attitude towards pornography, that sex should bring pleasure to both partners and talk about appropriate sexual practices, talk about the inadmissibility of any form of violence and coercion in sex, and about safety in sex.

  5. If the mother ignites-it is harmful, even as! It is comparable to the harm of a cigarette in the same situation with your mother, or your favorite neighbor, who will report everything, not forgetting to embellish it! If you masturbate to child porn, it is also fraught with sexual relations with the authorities. Otherwise, there is little harm.

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