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  1. This whole world lives exactly like this, dividing it into two parts-black and white. This is originally a material vision of the world, which can be traced everywhere, starting with the Bible (God and the devil). This is the result of a material, consumer attitude to the world- “this is good for me” “this is bad for me”. Egocentrism rules the game. If you change your vision from an actor to an observer, everything changes.

  2. Maximalism – in setting tasks and making demands on yourself-is a normal, very common feature of all successful individuals. Maximalism in making demands on others, circumstances, and external factors is a stupidity that is not inherent in mature individuals. The division of everything into bad and black is a lack of experience and wisdom to perceive the world in a complex variety, often contradictory and different from any picture of the world of any individual. Not realizing this is a certain result of a certain, not high-altitude level of intellectual, cultural development of the individual's consciousness, a certain limitation and deterministic approach to the perception of the surrounding world.

  3. No, this is a large part of the population. In my opinion, this fact, at the present time, stems from the level of education that does not allow teaching young people the practice of dialectics at the humanitarian level, which provokes the use of everyday formal logic, which leads to maximalism. In the natural sciences, an analogy can be drawn between algebra and a number of subsections of higher mathematics. The problem is that in everyday life, the success of a person weakly correlates with the use of dialectics, since situations are relatively simple, where formal logic is sufficient, but on important issues of the individual, regarding its identification in the surrounding world, due to its complexity, ineffective decisions are made, the accumulation of which empirically as the majority of people who have at least formal logic approach old age leads to the rejection of a black-and-white picture in favor of a gray one. In summary, the shortcomings of practical education, the empirical nature of the analysis of phenomena (learning from your mistakes), stupidity (no understanding of even formal logic)

  4. “Wisdom doesn't always come with age. Sometimes the age comes alone. “(M. Zhvanetsky)

    Maximalism goes away not because of age, but because of personal development, lived life experience, read books, experienced events. If you reject the experience provided or interpret it one-sidedly, do not read books and do not think thoughts in your head, then maximalism will not go away. On the contrary, to maintain self-esteem and self-affirmation, it will only strengthen.
    Unfortunately, I know examples among people close to me.

  5. Using the example of my 33-year-old sister, I can say that not only does she remain a maximalist in adulthood, but over time she has increased the level of this skill. Previously, she knew less about herself, and tried to adapt to the circumstances, to persuade herself that she was satisfied with the result as it is. And then I let go and began to do and evaluate everything according to my maximalist criteria. It's hard, but I don't think she has any more problems than the average human her age – they're just a little different

  6. I've also met adult maximalists. These people could be full-fledged individuals if maximalism did not attract the bad qualities of stubbornness and its synonyms. I'm not an expert and I can't say for sure, but I made a conclusion for myself that this position is associated with some kind of injury. For example, the most primitive:the young man had an unsuccessful relationship with a girl and now he has the idea that all non-virgins are whores, blowjob is dirty, they love only the rich.

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