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  1. Of course they are waiting!!! about the same as football fans are waiting for new Maradona/Evruzhikhin. Because I play the wrong football for Messi and Dzyuba. But seriously, the Internet age for non-lazy listeners is the golden age! A million new doors, King crimson and even VDGG! And you can only get tired of just discovering new names and what the hell is pop gum? She should have been passing by a long time ago.

  2. “Commercial pop gum” has been around for a very long time and can be of different quality. The “Beatles” of the year before ' 65 is just good pop gum. And in general, rock is a part of pop music.

    The existence of commercial pop gum, in general, does not prevent many talented musicians from writing good music and being popular to varying degrees. And there are bands that will enjoy a fairly limited popularity anyway, just because they play what they play. “Swans”, for example.

    To cite the Agatha Christie group as the antithesis of “commercial pop gum” is rather strange, and after Pink Floyd there were performers who were no less great in their own way. Or did rock end for you in the 70s?

    And how can you get tired of anything in the age of the Internet, when you can download any music? No one forces anyone to listen to “chewing gum”.

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