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  1. The main chronic disease of philosophy, because of which it is supposedly considered both non-science and boltology, is that 99% of its texts were directed at party-political and intra-philosophical mud.

    And only 1% of texts / works have positive practical and theoretical significance.

    The philosopher does not see actual practical problems directly and does not solve them.

    All my strength was spent on the engine horn.

    Brilliant philosophers, of course, have made a huge contribution to the development of civilization. But this is “a drop in the bucket of paper trash.”

  2. Verbiage, verbiage. But… useful! In other words, what is not involved in any way by need is the most important. Why? There are many excellent sciences and knowledge in specific areas of life. But there is something that relates to the way of thinking about these areas of life. So this ” beautiful-minded verbiage “(after all, it is not about specific areas of life) makes it possible to think in specific areas. Without it, these reflections are impossible. Like this. It's like in a wheel: the axis is “useless” because it is not visible-why is it? But pull it out and everything falls apart. Without philosophy, the” edifice ” of science would have to be redone with every discovery. And so, in science, we do not depend on what we learn later. In the sense that there will be an accumulation of knowledge, and not a constant re-creation of science.

  3. This is science. And it has its own subject of study. It studies the general laws of the development of nature, society and thinking. In particular, dialectics and logic. This is one of the oldest sciences. And many other sciences have branched off from philosophy. In particular, physics used to be called natural philosophy.

  4. The person who asks the question already knows fifty percent of the answer. You understand that you will be proved; one side will argue its arguments, and the other will prove its arguments. Make your own conclusions and you are always right about yourself. About someone like you the sage Fr Khayyam said: “You can't change your life overnight. But overnight, you can change the thoughts that will change your life forever.” With respect.

  5. Hello.

    Philosophy is neither science nor verbiage. This is a rational form of worldview. If an idle speaker considers himself a philosopher, he can also consider himself a scientist. A real philosopher either solves existing questions about the problems of life, or at least knows how to put them correctly. And ostentatious science is not useful. We can say that philosophy is a meta-science or a pro-science. Thanks to philosophy, science has become an organized theory, supported by experiments. Before philosophy, instead of science, there was only private knowledge on various issues.

    Philosophy can be compared to prudence and prudence. Without this, it is difficult to be a scientist, and in life prudence is necessary. And those good principles that a person follows, if he does it consciously, make up his personal philosophy, which helps him through life.

  6. To answer this question, what are the distinguishing criteria of the sciences?

    Answer: the teachings that bring the fruits of knowledge – new knowledge-become science.

    With philosophy, the question is – did it bring new knowledge?

    There is an opinion that everything in it has already been said before..

    For me, philosophy is a lot of different personal teachings.

  7. well, to begin with, it is worth remembering that it was from philosophy that all the sciences came out.

    In general, you should not look at the tabloid reading material.

    you know, any copywriter from one word will create a whole article with the right number of lines))))
    it doesn't matter what word you give him.

    Do you see what I'm getting at?
    the time is like this now. pakazuha is our everything.

    real science is something else entirely.
    not what you see in published books and websites about personal growth.

    If you want to watch something serious ,read dry scientific articles.

    strictly everything)

  8. Science is the search for patterns using experiments. Its fruits: antibiotics, computers, plastic, etc. And this is all thanks to the many years of intellectual work of individual renegades. Философ Philosophy – “rearrangement” of words, which does not give anything but self-affirmation and shaking the air, any schoolchild can do this.

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