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  1. The previous speaker correctly posed the question: “do refugees want to come to Russia?”, but, in my opinion, he answered it incorrectly. After all, migrants really flock to Russia for work, but from Central Asia. What is the reason that crowds of Arabs are not rushing to us?

    The problem is that modern migration is postcolonial. People rush to the place where they know the language and common culture – and the Arabs were forced to speak French and English in the colonial period, as the Turks and Tajiks were forced to speak Russian. Arabs also prefer to go to countries where Islam is widespread: most of them are in Turkey and Lebanon.

    And the next factor is the availability of jobs. Because language is a big barrier for people who want to escape from a hot spot.

  2. Ready or not-this is a secondary question in this case. We need to ask: do refugees want to be in Russia?
    They arrive in countries where they can get benefits, jobs, and temporary housing. Russia is not ready for this financially, and people do not want to come to a country where they will not receive financial assistance.

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