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  1. A religious myth. From a psychological point of view, spirituality is one of the main underlying factors of neurosis, guilt, shame, self — flagellation and all that stuff. Spirituality creates intrapersonal conflicts, undeserved condemnation for things that should not be constitutionally condemned, and so on. A huge number of sexual perverts and murderers came from religious families and sects. Spirituality, like patriotism, is a great way to manipulate the vast masses of the disadvantaged population. Of course, there are some non-neurotic aspects of spirituality, but the cat didn't cry, and they are not related to morality.

  2. Spirituality is a human condition. At the heart of man is a good and bright beginning, based on the truth of nature that created man. In social adaptation, the meaning of concepts always changes, because there are a lot of people; (this is also a factor of human development). People consider their state to be spiritual even when the basis of spirituality is money, and this is unacceptable, because money is considered material energy . I think that comparing psychology and religion is absurd when it comes to spirituality.

  3. This is a life according to conscience, that is, according to the rules of the spirit. This is not a myth at all, but quite a reality. And psychology has nothing to do with it. Because this is not the level of the soul, but of the spirit, higher and more important.

  4. Spirituality is the understanding that a person is not limited by the body, with its sensations, feelings, memory and everyday thinking. This is a sense of unity with all people and other beings, with nature, with the Earth, with the Cosmos. Then he evaluates all his actions and thoughts as the degree of good or harm to the Universe and Eternity. He understands and feels that by hurting any creature, he destroys himself.

  5. Spirituality is just the most real reality! It couldn't have been any other way, it can't, and it won't be.Because beyond the visible earthly existence, there is an objective reality. And if you add up all the pros and cons of Spirituality, then even if it did not exist, it would have to be invented!!!�

  6. Spirituality is the irrational in a person. This can be religion, superstition, myths, fairy tales, expressions such as” the power of the spirit”,” he lost his temper from rage “and other manifestations of faith in the”spirit”. The word Wednesday contains faith in Odin, in Italian venerdi-faith in the goddess Venus. And on the seventh day of the week in Russian – faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. When a mathematician says “an irrational number,” the term itself is a reference to something beyond reason. We believe in good and bad – this is also spirituality. It is impossible to explain the term “good” as a universal concept without resorting to references to one or another manifestation of spirituality. And all because the conscious in a person is a grain of the layer of the unconscious. And whether we want to or not, we are always forced to consciously describe it in some term. This cannot be reduced to a simple question. This is as difficult as the question of the universe.

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