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  1. Mate, indeed, as a seasoning in speech. Not the best, but the easiest way to make your speech brighter. I can't say that using a mat will lead to an inevitable degradation of the individual. This is more of an effect than a cause. In addition, I have long noticed this trend: unhappy people swear.

  2. I have answered similar questions many times, including on TQ.

    In those languages where sex and everything related to it is a taboo, forbidden topic, where there are no “normal” generally accepted terms for discussing sexual issues, obscene vocabulary is formed – that is, rude vulgar expressions related to sex and sexual organs.

    To a lesser extent, this is typical for Western European societies, to a greater extent – for Asian and Eastern ones. That's why English mat is so poor, and Russian and, for example, Arabic-so flowery.�

    In Russian society and language, due to the centuries-old taboo of the topic of sex, the mat performs the function of a kind of” combat NLP”, as Pelevin, for example, very cleverly wrote. When applied suddenly, aggressively, and precisely, it paralyzes a person, makes the brain computer “hang”, and puts them into a short-term trance. That's why it's so effective )

    If you constantly speak it, it loses this function.�

    Since now in Internet communication it is quite appropriate to use the terms “Fucking”, “Fuck” and the like, even on resources of federal popularity, such as the Dudya video channel, I believe that the mat in the Russian language in the next 40-50 years will lose its sacred function…

  3. Everything is harmful if you do not know the measure. Dose correctly depending on the diagnosis and doctor's prescription. There is a situation ,there is your attitude or reaction to it. You can do without a mat at all, but in this case, what makes us swear will look for another way out and it will not be predictable at all.

  4. Degenerate vocabulary is absolutely harmful, without any exceptions. These are anti-words-they do not contain meaning, but a deliberate absurdity. Their effect is misplaced, that is, a mockery of speech – of the logic and semantics of the word, of the mind's very trust in language. If a normal word weaves a semantic web, then mat (and most of the slang) tears it up. It works just like vodka: you kill a bunch of neurons in the brain, and you get oblivion – that is, relaxation, that is, a bullish high.

    If you look closely at the Russian mat, this is the most bastard and plebeian thing that can only be in the world. The whole” picture ” of degenerate vocabulary depicts one thing: mockery of a woman. That is, it is the language of a non-man, a non-protector, some trampled creature who nihilistically sneers at family, lineage, and even his own ability to reproduce.

    Profanity always defiles the speaker's mind. This is the same as putting shit in your mouth to spit in the face of the offender.

    Swearing generally degrades thinking. When faced with a problem, you have two options: try to create a representation that adequately reflects the problem, or throw out the affect by growling like an animal. Anyone who swears obscenities, spitting out emotions, excludes the possibility of simulating the situation. Because these meaningless interjections replace intellectual activity.

    People often say, they say how not to swear, life is like this, see for yourself. That, I think, is the crux of it. A foul-mouthed person is one whose consciousness has capitulated to reality. It, his consciousness, already agrees to dutifully reflect any dirt and filth from the surrounding life. And a person with pure speech is one who “did not let the enemies into the fortress” – that is, he has the principle that consciousness is organized more perfect than the rough external reality, and does not have to copy it slavishly, but on the contrary – is ahead of it and is able to change it.

  5. I've heard that research has found that participants ' dopamine levels were slightly elevated when they were speaking taboo words, which is known to occur in much higher amounts as a result of taking stimulant drugs. Perhaps, therefore, “stop swearing” is not so easy )

  6. Mat �is a kind of seasoning � �in speech, �to усиления enhance the effect , and make the meaning clear in some �cases. Not �secret that for some �category of people � in some cases ,it is written �normal � civil �language � just �does not reach. And we must distinguish between people �which �except � as� Mat � generally �not �able �to Express your � simple � thoughts and feelings) and people � that � use �Mat � to �to contact with such �people in power �different reasons , but they at this and �can be �educated �people �and much �can say without using � Mat. Food �, including �of one of the seasoning �still �inedible �in most �cases , then �how to measure �seasoning �can make a dish �very � �delicious � and useful)

  7. I will probably seem like a prude and moralophage to many, but I still think that the use of mat is unacceptable and unhealthy. Why do I think so? Yes, because the word mate itself has another more precise and” scientific ” definition – profanity. So, the use of obscene words is the use of words that are bad, dirty, unclean, and therefore this phenomenon characterizes the user as a person who is defiled (polluted) and defiles everything around him. This is something akin to a negative energy-informational effect. There is no neutral mat. It is used either in a state of anger, anger, irritation, aggression, or for a bunch of words like parasitic words, and then it just clutters the speech and clutters the consciousness of the “speaker”, well, for the sake of “comformism” – when it becomes fashionable, shocking, everyone swears and I swear.

    By the way, according to the generally accepted version, the Old Russian word “mat” is derived from “mother” and is an abbreviation of the expression “swearing”, “swearing”, “sending to the mother”. Perhaps swearing is a later reinterpretation (Czech. materština – “mother tongue” ~ Russian. swearing) under the influence of an earlier mat (whose meaning and etymology need to be clarified), and contamination with phrases like “e”.. your mother.” Perhaps the original was the verbal noun * mother from motherhood “to swear on the mother”. It is not by chance that cursing a person usually recalls his mother, but the word “e”..your mother” is almost common, and what does it mean if not the dirtiest curse addressed to such an important person in everyone's life as a mother, mother. And then we are surprised that we live in such a world, full of madness, darkness and ignorance.

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