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  1. Stupid is the one who does not understand the historical lessons and does not understand that a system without feedback loops, internal counterweights and restrictions, which instead of solving capital and constantly accumulating problems deals with the fight against rallies and dissent, directly leads the country to a social explosion and a sea of blood.�

    And to go or not to go to rallies is the tenth thing.

  2. Rallies are needed. They are a useful thing. They help to form public opinion, find like-minded people, and force the authorities to solve some problems. Only Maidans and maydanutye assholes in Russia are not needed by anyone.

  3. A rally is an indicator of poor government performance. Is the person who is not paid a salary and goes to a rally out of desperation stupid? Anyone who doesn't pay a salary is stupid, because a rally is the safest thing to do in such a situation. It could be worse.

  4. Well, of course such a person is stupid. Why go against the system if you depend on it yourself? So you can cut water pipes in your own apartment, smash plumbing fixtures, break light bulbs, because all this is ” worse than in the West.” And then sit back and wait for things to get better for sure.

    To improve, correct, work-this is good and necessary. But you can't smash it. Especially if you don't know what you're doing. Like, I'll cut these live wires with scissors, because I don't care. They spoil the landscape.

    I have already spoken about the rallies elsewhere. This is a relic of the last century. Currently, social networks are used. First of all, you are not just a head of the herd listening to someone else's megaphone. You are an equal participant with the right to vote. Social networks also allow you to hold rallies without disturbing anyone.

  5. The country's leadership should always show that there are those who are dissatisfied with them. Regardless of the current situation in the country. Even if they are very nice guys. And it doesn't matter if these are rallies or posts in social networks. social networks, individual pickets, radio appearances, etc. Then the ruling elite sees a certain discontent of society and, in this regard, adjusts its actions in favor of the protesters. Maybe not immediately, maybe late. If there is no discontent, then there is an illusion of arrogance and permissiveness. A rally is the most effective and visible form of protest. If 100 people come, they will beat everyone with batons, if 1000 people come, they will take activists. If 10,000 people arrive, they will stand by quietly and remain silent. When a million people arrive, the riot police will deliver tea to the protesters themselves.

  6. Rallies are different from rallies.

    If a rally is organized by serious responsible people to demonstrate the number of active supporters of an opinion, they will take care of the legal legality of this event. Yes, they can be pushed further away, the time and place will not be very advantageous, but you will not be able to refuse. And if you share the stated ideas, then it is quite reasonable to participate.

    If the organizers can't agree on an event, then they are either completely illiterate, or, more likely, they don't want to do it. Their goal is not a rally, but a massacre. As a result, officials show loyalty by putting forward all sorts of restrictions, organizers catch hype by commenting on “regime atrocities”, and participants and the police serve as “meat” that pays for everything. For me, people who agree to such a role are stupid.

  7. I don't believe in the foolishness of the beast, I believe in their self-interest. Every Maidan activist. he hopes to use the means of revolution and chaos to either redistribute other people's property in his favor, or move to a fundamentally different social level. What can you want, some fucking student or just a non-working degenerate (?) – to become immediately a “big” person, an official, and even better a deputy (people's deputy!!!)- there and at all, that either it is not necessary to know; who else is simpler, under the guise of circling a couple of “tightly packed huts”, in extreme cases, filling up the owners – who will understand there, while everywhere is a mess.

    There are no fools, no random ones. Remember the fate of Yatsenyuk, who gave all the best to the Skotourkaints, supported the war in the south-east, did everything possible to make the Ukrainians spit with the Russians and went to another country for permanent residence! Happy ending! Similarly, the romantic poetess Dmytruk, who believes that the Maidan is the lucky star of Ukrainians, and herself, having advanced with the help of the Maidan … she left for permanent residence in another country! Another Happy Ending!

    These are those who have no mind to achieve something very specific, today, which year they are sitting in the trenches or at home and without work. they didn't have a happy ending – their dreams didn't come true!

  8. Undeveloped cowards, of course, do not go to protest rallies. They only go to forced labor organized by the authorities.

    Honest people who react to what is happening in the country , and in any country, go to protest rallies, this is one of the types of feedback in society and the state. Without rallies, the state rots and dies.

  9. How can it be stupid if it does so much good? If those who do nothing create total unemployment, and for those who work – the most severe exploitation of labor, they look with fear at the thousands of people who have taken to the streets with slogans against it. They are terribly afraid of politicization and enlightenment of the people, so they came up with the labels “secret”, “bank secrecy”, “official secret”. And most importantly, they are afraid of uniting the people against crime. And the more numerous the rally, the more obvious the unity of the people. Why is the “Winter Cherry” sorted out as it should be, and not allowed to “take its course”, as usual? Because people took to the streets and said “no to corruption and lawlessness”. And the rest of the people in Russia declared mourning, supported them with posts, reposts, the RBC foundation conducted an investigation, and now: the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kemerovo Region has already been charged.

  10. Unfortunately, at the moment, mass rallies or in other words “revolt” are the only effective form of feedback between the people and those in power.

  11. The passivity of the people worsens the conditions of their existence, I think a peaceful protest is absolutely the right decision, but the fact that the constitutional rights of protesters are violated by the current government may eventually lead to completely non-peaceful protests, which I would not like, since there will be a mass civil confrontation again

  12. You talk a lot here.I think so.that everything is very simple.The government must love its land and its people, and then there will be no confrontations and divisions.

  13. In the absence of a real opposition in the country (as in the Russian Federation), of course, it is stupid, but if the opposition is real and go against the system with the hope of changing something in the country and not for yourself to beat out a place in the sun under the new government, it is also stupid, because as a rule, the government will not change for the better until the people change and demand a change of power from some thieves and scum to other thieves and scum,and demand that the current one comply with its duties

  14. Stupid is the one who goes there to defend other people's interests, led by outspoken provocateurs, who often take almost no part in the action and perceive the protesters as expendable material.

  15. Dissatisfied were, are and will always be. Under any government. For example, I am not satisfied with the statements of officials, endless fines and all that. But who can guarantee that it will be different under Navalny?..

  16. Stop throwing up your hands helplessly! Almost all Russian mass media, including state – owned and especially Internet resources, are under foreign control and the leadership of their henchmen, which in principle is unacceptable neither in Europe, nor, especially, in America… This is the result of brainwashing Russian youth, using the technology of ISIS … Soon it will explode, like in 1991 and 1993, only even more so… And no multibillion-dollar Moscow renovations can stop and feed this self-destructive process… They gather people there for completely different purposes, far from the interests of Russia and its people..

  17. Going against the system is fashionable, but the majority of people do it wrong.

    Rallies don't really work, at least in our country, where only the opinion of Vladimir Vladimirovich and his wards rules

  18. Is someone who goes “naked” (without equipment)stupid?on obviously not coordinated actions, knowing that there is a riot police who will beat them with batons?
    The answer is obvious-they are “morons” in the medical sense of the word.

  19. It depends on what goals he wants to achieve with his “campaigns”. If he has nothing to gain from this, except beatings and summonses for unauthorized rallies, then yes, he does not go out of a great mind, but solely because of idealism, innate or youthful.

  20. Stupid is the one who believes that we are the authorities here and going to the rally will help solve problems. Nowhere and never have rallies solved anything. They gathered, shouted, and dispersed.

  21. Rallies are organized by liberals to please the West.And they arrange them with the State Department's money.This is not feedback.By 2025, the West will be in chaos,and then the rallies will stop.There will be no one to pay.To live well, you need to learn how to produce good goods.And also-start buying domestic products and going to domestic resorts.And then they brought an epidemic from abroad.Can restore the iron Curtain.

  22. “For your money, any whim!” Tolerance is a demonstration of non-resistance to evil, violence and lawlessness. These are not Soviet times, and no one will show you anything for free. The ratio of stupid and part-time workers, and a person up to 5 minutes a day can be stupid, can hardly be established. Properly brew before the rally and throw, after the rally, the walker should be thrown.

  23. The question is not correct. If the “system” thinks about the people and does everything for their well-being and prosperity, then it is stupid to go against it. If the “system” consists of outright gopniks, crooks, scammers and dealers; and the most significant result of its activities is the extinction of the population by half a million a year in a natural way; to be a supporter of such a “system” is to completely lose conscience, common sense and a sense of respect for yourself and others.

  24. If Negroes (African Americans) did not go out against the system under bullets and batons, they still could not go into stores for whites, etc. The system, being deprived of the pressure of the population, quickly collapses and turns into a madhouse. Blunt, bronzed.

  25. There is Parkinson's Law – Work takes all the time allotted for it. This law can be extrapolated to “Data occupies all the space reserved for them” – the same Google. And” opinion occupies all the space reserved for it ” – society. That is, there should not be a single opinion in society at all. Otherwise, it will be unstable. The same USSR and communism. You just won't have time to change lanes.

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