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  1. Well, here for the answer you need to understand what you mean by “exists” (I see, the tag “philosophy” was put down in advance).

    As something localized in space-time-it seems that there is no such “comfort zone” that can be shown on the map, no one has.�

    It is a psychological abstraction that denotes a generalized set of situations, activities, and events that are individually comfortable and devoid of significant stress. But they also do not have access to the possibility of development, there are no challenges in the “comfort zone”. That is why it is “comfort” – that is, convenience and pleasantness.

    You also need to realize that this is not “something bad”. It depends on the context of what goals and objectives. For example, if your bedroom (well, or “our”, anyone's) is not included in the” Comfort Zone”, this is fraught with serious consequences. And in general own housing.

    That is, this sphere of convenience, comfort zone-as a necessary support point in order to be able to “get out” of it at all, having a protected rear behind you.

  2. The comfort zone is something familiar and predictable, in which we feel safe.

    At the same time, we may not be very comfortable, but we have learned to adapt well enough to this discomfort.
    And we are comfortable not because it is pleasant, but because it is not scary.

    On this side, indeed, the comfort zone is more like a myth)

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