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  1. There can't be a universal life scenario for everyone, because each person has their own life experience, their own formed stereotypes, their own understanding of comfort, beauty and goodness. Everyone builds their own happiness in their own way. There is a joke: if you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans. A person is not able to take into account all the changes and conditions of the external world. Human consciousness is constantly changing in the process of living and acquiring new experiences. A person's desires and goals change. Therefore, he constantly adjusts and refines his plans.

    But there are generally accepted qualities of life and common goals. Most people want to live longer. Most people try not to harm themselves or others. Most people try to find a suitable comfortable place in society. Most people strive for affluence. Most people want to become smarter and wiser. Most people want to do something useful in life and leave a good memory behind.

  2. Each person should define such a plan for themselves by answering the following questions::

    What is important to you in life? What kind of life would you like to live if everything were possible?

    What does “success”mean to you?

    Money? Recognition and fame? Implementation in the chosen business? Love and respect of loved ones? Or all of them together?

    What do you want in life? What would you like to experience, experience, visit, see?

    Many people live only by reacting to circumstances, and not by consciously choosing their life. It's like walking into a restaurant and hoping that the waiter will bring you exactly the dish you love. Isn't it better to make the choice yourself?

    Take the time to decide what you want in life and what is the right life for you. Maybe the hour you set aside for this will save you years.

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