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  1. Exists.. This is indeed the case. Usually, only those who have not tried to overcome the fate of fate do not notice it. Those who really tried-come across a bunch of” accidents ” that can not be explained logically: a combination of circumstances, people, opportunities. Those people who go with the flow can't teach those who piss against the wind… so good luck to all..

  2. The highest virtue is like water. Water, while giving all creatures abundant benefits, does not resist anything. It is located in a place that people cannot see, so it is similar to the Tao. To live well-for the earth; heart-for depth; union – for love; words – for trust; governance – for prosperity (of the country); deeds – for skill; movement – for life. A non-quarreler is not judged.

  3. In my opinion, no.

    The environment that surrounds you sets you a certain “vector of development”, but in the future, it is the person and his actions that can change this very “vector”.

    By environment, I mean that a child born to Somali pirates is unlikely to become a scientist.

    Maybe for a long time ,the word fate was relevant, a child of a craftsman could not become anything but a craftsman, because it takes money ,time, etc .to master other professions.Nowadays, a person has a better chance of “self-determination”, if you know what I mean.

    As I think,everything depends on opportunities, not on fate.

  4. If we talk about predestination, then I believe that yes-there is. Initially, a person has a certain mechanism of action that determines how he will act in a particular situation. And situations are not chosen by us, we only get into them. If it seemed to you that you yourself chose the situation in which to get into ,then turn around. You will see that you have chosen this situation only because you are you. With a certain personality and people around you who have changed your mind (even by saying one caustic word in the hallway of a school 20 years ago, adding one percent to your inferiority complex, which will eventually become a crucial factor in shaping your emotional state during an interview at a large firm, which will immediately turn down a job offer when they see the uncertainty on your face). Because you have a certain mechanism built into you, “consisting of genetic characteristics and circumstances that have happened to you over your entire life,” which were also not chosen by you. People are like functions, �with individual conditions-you enter a number(situation) and it is converted to a specific answer (response).And with each such situation, the function is again transformed. Are you developing yourself? Changing yourself? It was your character that inspired you and a long-standing memory, ” when your dad said that you need to achieve everything yourself. If there were no character and this small detail, this self-development would not even begin. Yes, “this is a rough example,” but after tracing this chain back to the roots, taking into account the smallest details, it is easy to realize “that everything has already been decided for us.

  5. Of course there is, in the dictionary there are definitions of this word, firstly, fate can be considered a combination of circumstances (that exists), and secondly, this word can be called the fate of a person that also exists.

    But we must understand that the question was different. Did you want to know if everything in our life is predetermined by something or someone from above? It is strange, by the way, why they began to call it fate, because fate refers to the past tense or the present, but not to the future. And in this question, the answer is unequivocal-no, this is impossible.

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