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  1. Childfree – personal reasons, antinatalist – global, philosophical. I think that the latter cannot have children, otherwise it contradicts the fact that they are for voluntary extinction.

  2. A childfree is any person who does not have children and does not want to have them. These two metrics must be combined. The reasons do not matter, the main thing is the lack of your own children and the desire to have them, it is the desire, not the opportunity.

    Antinatalism is a worldview, a person can come to it, already having children, and in this case can not be considered a childfree. On the other hand, children who have no ideological justification, for example, in the case of a desire to make a career or fear of pain during childbirth, cannot be considered anti-natalists.

  3. Of course, there is. Antinatalism is a philosophical and ethical position on the question of the beginning of being (and an antinatalist can have children), and childfree is a personal reproductive choice in favor of childlessness (and a childfree cannot have children, otherwise it is already childless).

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