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  1. This difference is purely individual. Well, or I have an unmarried brain, judging by the answers below. Friendship, support, and understanding that life is full of interesting and important things besides relationships is important to me. And that doesn't mean I don't love you.

  2. Of course there is!

    A man likes-when it is convenient, when it is beautiful, when they agree and put him on a pedestal

    A woman likes-when it's cozy, when it's protected, when it's taken care of

  3. There is, and even what! In short, like this.

    Women: Love=Feeling+Sex+Property. If you remove any of the components and even its possibility, a woman's love disappears like a mirage.

    Men: Love=Feeling. Nothing more! Men love sex and, of course, are possessive, but sex and the sense of ownership are not directly related to love.

    This difference explains so many things in our lives that you can write a book about it.

  4. Of course, there is a difference, but it does not depend on the gender, but on the character of the person.

    In the modern world, the social roles of men and women can no longer be the standard of masculinity or femininity, the decline of morality and the imposition of restrictions by law destroy them, so personal qualities (character)come to the fore

  5. A man does not love a woman, but the way she makes him feel close to her) A woman creates harmony around herself and loves a man for his protection and disclosure of her femininity. We are a priori created for different purposes, therefore, we love differently. Basically, we love just what nature has programmed in us – a woman for protection, a man for inspiration:)

  6. Of course! However, this difference, which is usually described by psychologists (a woman is more romantic, a man is more pragmatic, etc.) and ordinary people (a man with eyes, a woman with ears), is too general. It all depends on specific people, specific relationships.

  7. If there is a man in nature and there is another hypostasis-a woman, then the difference is how…there is absolutely. If there was no difference, why would nature build a vegetable garden? They say dinosaurs lived long ago. They are extinct. Why? The dinosaur comes up to the dinosaur and says: Come on? She: no He: come on She: no….that's why they became extinct

  8. It's subjective. Maybe not in the power of feeling, but in the approach to love, men and women are different. I noticed on several examples that women are more likely to suffer and give up something just to be with their loved ones. Men, in turn, are not ready to lose something, but are ready to gain, change, improve and work on being with a loved one.

  9. Definitely there is. The mindset of a woman and a man has a difference. A woman is consumed by love, she lives it, but men, due to more rational thinking, have many aspects that require more attention. This, of course, is not about the initial stage of the relationship, but about the already established relationship.

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