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  1. I will try to link the perfection of an individual with the level of social development of the environment, since it seems to me that this limit is determined precisely by society, and not by a particular person.

    A person, his moral principles, his strength of spirit, is formed thanks to society (through culture, state institutions, education). If a person sets a goal to reach certain heights, what will they be equal to? If he tries to create for himself a certain goal, hitherto unknown, will he not make a mistake, will he not choose the wrong direction that leads to a dead end of self-deception? It seems to me that it doesn't make sense to break away too far from the social that created you and what supported you. It is always useful to look a little ahead, but keep the habit of turning around.

    If the concept of perfection of a person is connected with his mind, intellectual abilities, then this limit is most easily visible here. Perhaps we would like to know as much as possible, while preserving our knowledge of the natural world and culture… But we have not yet created a way (whether genetic or informational modification) to remove this fundamental limit. I hope that this problem will be resolved soon.

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