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  1. Okay, although I can't call myself a 100% successful person yet, and I also sometimes show the qualities of losers listed below, but how do I see it?

    And so.

    First. Losers whine. Constantly. “I don't have any money”, “I'm so tired”, “I can't do it”. Every time you want to start whining and complaining, remember that no one cares. Can't get something done? Have you tried it? Yes? Try again. And stop whining, please.

    Second. Losers blame someone else for everything. Government, friends, and parents. Yes, of course, you can't close the session because the teacher is inadequate, and not because you missed 90% of the pairs to hang out with your friends in the dota. Yeah, yeah, that girl dumped you because she's the one who's so stupid, not because your interests end up on the TV series “Fizruk”. I hope the sarcasm is understandable.�

    The third. Losers are lazy and don't want to change. For example, they are too lazy to learn English, but it is much easier to complain later in the style of “I don't know what these employers need from me”. They are too lazy and constantly find excuses.�

    These are, for me, the three main qualities that will make anyone a loser.

  2. I'll just quote Reymar Tirado, and you can try to refute these words in your mind:

    1. You didn't lose much.

    You're comfortable in your mediocrity, you don't even want to try.

    You prefer to talk about learning a new language instead of learning it. You're more likely to “sit it out”, or maybe do a difficult job tomorrow. You hate your job, but you're not ready to look for a new one.

    And while you sit here idly and don't want to try, I collect mistakes, test myself, and learn new things.

    When I lose, I learn and change my path so that it always leads forward. It's like the process of quenching metals: I go through fire and take shape. The shape of a sharp-edged sword that will cut you apart if you don't put in more effort.

    1. You care about the opinion of others.

    And you adapt to it. Because you are afraid of what the world will see you as.

    You think so because you judge others: supposedly other people should judge you in turn. You care more about your junk than the things you've done.

    While you spend money on new clothes, cars, expensive food, and bar parties, I'm interested in myself. And while you try to adapt to the world around you, I make the world adapt to me.

    I will confidently put aside all doubts and show the world the real me. I'm immune to your opinions, I'm surrounded by ideas; while you get used to the mundane, I explore the extraordinary.

    1. You think you're smarter than you really are.

    In fact, you did everything the others did. You learned the same things they did, and you read all the same things. But if you studied to pass the tests, do you think that's how you got smarter?

    Knowledge is not about what you learn, but about how you live.

    If necessary, I can pass the tests. And will you be able to cope with the tasks that life puts in front of me? Tests that are evaluated not on a point scale or as a percentage, but with a single assessment: survival.

    1. You don't read it.

    You only read what you should, or nothing at all. You think history is boring and philosophy is stupid. You'd rather watch a TV show than discover something new, than try to delve into the thoughts of another person in an attempt to better understand the world around you.

    You refuse to accept that all the power of the world is hidden in the words of those who came before us.

    You can find everything you need in a huge number of books, which are now more accessible than ever. You don't read this article either. Most likely, those who read it already know all this. You can take a horse to drink, but you can't force it to drink.

    1. You are not inquisitive.

    Because you learn news from state-controlled media outlets that copy it from each other. Because you don't take the trouble to ask yourself the simple question, “what if it's all a lie?” and accept the possibility that it is. The direct responsibility of the media is to distract you from what is most important.

    I have a thirst for knowledge, regardless of the topic.

    While you're busy playing Angry Birds, I'm reading about string theory and quantum mechanics.

    Because I will look at my own arguments from different points of view and look for their vulnerability. To see how you can object to me.

    I will understand both sides of the argument, and if I take your side and start arguing for you, the victory will be mine. Even if I just defeated you in this very argument.

    1. You don't ask questions.

    You don't doubt the authorities. And you don't ask yourself.

    You don't understand the meaning of a well-asked question, a respectful disagreement, and the ability to defend your opinion in front of someone who disagrees with you. You don't question reality — you're too busy surviving the monotony.

    You need to structure your questions to this world.

    1. You hate the truth.

    Acknowledge the fact that you don't really know anything. You may already be infuriated by this article. An article on the Internet will not reimburse you for the lifetime that you have wasted.

    You live with your head held high, not interested in what is happening around you. Blissfully unaware of the reality that is so close to you that if you stick out your tongue, you will feel how “good-tasting” the truth is.

    And then you'll realize that the only thing stopping you from doing really cool things is yourself.

  3. I agree with the above, especially about whining and the desire to blame others, but all these are symptoms of the main problem-a weak character. A strong character knows how to do the main thing-to rise after falls, and fiascos, epic failures and failures are enough in the life of absolutely any person who does something.

  4. Who is a loser? A healthy, happy slacker who is confident in the future and lives on the charity of relatives, friends and acquaintances, or a very successful businessman, a cancer patient who never forgave his biological father, all his life bore a grudge against him (for example, Steve Jobs)?�

    A loser is only one who considers himself so, and sincerely and honestly, and everything else is from the evil one. Many people successfully and happily play the role of a loser, offended by fate, an unhappy person in order to receive certain benefits from the world: sex(many women are very similar to the unfortunate), financial and material handouts, attention and care. �And then they brag about how cool they were at making a fool of someone.

    There is such a Prof. med. term-allergy to happiness. It is much easier, easier, cheaper for people, and most importantly, it is more pleasant to live in the role of a loser. And where downshifting comes from (see WIKI). �

    Today, many people are proud of the fact that they were lucky enough to become losers. And if you don't want to be a loser, then DON't LIE TO YOURSELF. Honestly tell yourself what you want from life, what you are willing to pay for the realization of your desires (self-study, self-development, hard work, patience,…), and go ahead-enjoy life.

  5. I immediately remembered the words of one teacher at the Institute as soon as I read the question. These words were addressed mainly to the guys. Their essence was that the main business of each person is business. It can be based on anything, but it should bring money (scientific activities, finance, programming, sports, art, etc.). Because a hobby is useless if you can't earn a penny on it. The other main aspect should be the half of the person. A guy or girl should determine exactly what criteria and qualities that his/her life partner would possess, they need to produce healthy offspring capable of continuing their work (questions of sincerity of feelings were silent). A man should strive for prosperity and do everything for himself and his family. A woman, in turn, should be educated, play sports, have good health (so that children are healthy), have good “genetics” (this meant that it was better for boys/girls not to choose people who were related to them, for example, alcoholics) and also realize themselves in work. Those who do not accept all of the above are losers, losers, weaklings, etc. They will achieve nothing in life, but only waste their time and the time of their parents.
    Something like that. Sometimes radical, insensitive, with hints of sexism, eugenics and bigotry. But even here you can find some truth.
    p. s. The author of these words is a person with a higher education, is engaged in scientific work, writes to relevant journals, reads a lot of literature and has extensive experience in various companies (both domestic and foreign). He also breeds dogs)

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