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  1. “The truly adult point of view is that our lives have just as much meaning, meaning, and fullness as we take the trouble to give them. And by working hard, we can make our lives truly wonderful. ” Цит Quote from the book God as an Illusion (p. Dawkins)

  2. In a few words, this question cannot be answered. But,

    I suggest a variant of the answer, with a quote:

    Life lived with meaning gives the spirit of a person-the highest, of all existing positive (but short — term)-material-monetary-carnal, worldly carnal feelings, a sense of pleasure.

    But the enjoyment of living within the framework of meaning-the main meaning, of all the Universal meanings that exist-the primary and mysterious-gives the spirit, and, consequently, the life of this spirit carrier — a constant (and progressing in the direction of unspeakable benefits — carefully arranged by God) feeling, endless under the caring hand of the Creator — blissful, (constant) satisfaction.

    So what is the mysterious meaning of human life? Is there a clear definition of it expressed in words? — perhaps you were wondering?

    The meaning of human life is contained in the progressive development of consciousness (i.e., spirit), from the vain — chaotic, i.e., from the material-monetary-carnal (i.e., evil-bearing), i.e., from the old — Adam (who does not listen to the primary Truth) and always falling (i.e., sinning-vicious), and thereby, corruptible, i.e., temporary, i.e., earthly — mortal; from man (only within the framework of the age, living) not perfect, and therefore, for everything (in the Truth of Good) — evil and harmful, in a balanced-regulated consciousness, Angelically spiritually developed — heavenly; from evil (earthly) material-monetary-carnal values (in desires, in thoughts and in deeds), that is, from sin and death — Resurrected, and, consequently, in Truth and Truth renewed — new, thereby — pure (Harmonious), eternally living, i.e. in contrast to a person (with a brow, living for a century) — human (i.e. with a brow, i.e. with a forehead, brains, mind, consciousness, spirit — eternal), and therefore — perfect, and, consequently (pure, from all forms and manifestations of evil) — Holy, in the Arms and Chambers of the King of the Universal World — ripe.

    Quote from the book: “Under the caring hand of the Creator”.

  3. I answered somewhere, but I don't remember where and I'll answer again :

    I am deeply convinced that the meaning of our life is to find Life. This may sound paradoxical, but paradoxes often hide the truth.

    . narrow is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to life, and few find it. (Matthew 7: 14)

    By this utterance, Christ makes it clear and unambiguous that human life is not really life yet.

    I don't remember who said this phrase: our life is a deadly sexually transmitted disease-maybe there is some inflection here, but there are certain meanings that are consonant with the words of Christ in this phrase.

    There are different types of life : there is plant life, there is animal life ( animal, animal, snake), human life. A priori, it is believed that human life is the top of the development of all these lives, but recently many materials have appeared that express the opinion that this is not so. Take for example the life of animals in a certain ecosystem, let's say in the jungle-yes, among them there is a manifestation of rigidity, sometimes cruelty, some kill others and all that, but millennia pass and everything remains in order with this ecosystem, but as soon as a person gets there, this system disappears – it is cut down, destroyed, polluted.

    One of the exceptional examples of pollution of one of the ecosystems (the Pacific Ocean) is the Garbage Island – the so-called accumulation of garbage of anthropogenic origin in the North Pacific Ocean. Rough estimates of the Island's area range from 700,000 to 15 million square kilometers or more (0.41 % to 8.1 % of the total Pacific Ocean area). There are probably more than a hundred million tons of garbage in this area.

    “The agent trying to break Morpheus says he's discovered that humans aren't really mammals. That mammals live in balance with nature, and humans breed and destroy it until they have to move to another place. And he says that on earth only one species behaves the same way-it's a virus.”

    Why is it that “Homo sapiens” (Homo sapiens) acts worse than those who do not seem to be considered so reasonable? The answer is found in a single statement of Jewish wisdom :

    *** From the side of the body and animal soul, a person is the worst of all living things. But from the point of view of the spirit and the supreme soul (neshama), he is the greatest of all creatures.

    Man consists of spirit, soul and body (flesh) and depending on what he is guided in life and which of the parts dominates in him-such a being he will be-an animal, a bestial being (or even worse) or a higher creation.

    As for the spirit, as you know, this concept belongs to the spiritual sphere, which belongs to the religious world, that is, the divine.

    So it turns out that in fact the real or rather the true life is only the Divine Life. That's the meaning of our life to find it. Anything else is missing the target, like using your phone to crack nuts with it.

  4. There is only as much meaning in life as you put into your own life. In the end, everyone is born, does unimportant things on the scale of the universe, and then dies. However, the meaning of life can be called applying your efforts to make the existence of other people better, more convenient, more comfortable, safer – whether it's friends/relatives or completely unfamiliar people. At the same time, each person is free to decide for himself whether this is the meaning of his life or not.

  5. some say that the meaning of a person's life is to search for this meaning all their life. for some, the meaning of life is to live for the sake of their family and children. for some, the meaning of life is self-development. I think that everything is individual here. there is definitely no definitive answer.

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