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  1. Hello , it all depends on how you plan this breakup for yourself and set up. You can make a mountain out of a molehill.�
    This is a question for consciousness. The body doesn't really care , all the slag is in the head . Thoughts, memories…
    The simplest way is to draw strength from the moments that you have experienced with a loved one. This is more difficult than crying every day, but psychological scientists have already proven the futility of” tears in the vest”.
    I, for example, remember all the brightest moments and “anchored my consciousness” so that this memory does not cause me bad emotions.

  2. If I'm in pain, other people help me distract myself, and I'm looking for a replacement, no matter how sad it sounds. If you do not care, then you will be given it without much effort(to hammer a huge nail on it all). The main thing is not to take everything to heart, not to wind up anything for yourself(as girls like to do), try not to think about him/her, relax more with friends, have fun. Live your life to the fullest, it is not given to you to worry about breakups. If you really love this person, then you would do everything to have him with you, but if this was not enough, then he is not worthy of you, do not waste your nerves and strength. And most importantly, remember: everything that is not done, everything is for the best!

  3. Good day, yes

    I don't feel any emotions that I really need to experience, and I don't part with people, but this is a matter of interpretation.

    I think that's how it works,
    Communicating with another person, we exchange our resources, opinions, emotions, knowledge, experience, microbes and other giblets, and also get a unique joint experience that cannot be replaced/repeated/deleted, i.e. each unit of time spent together, by and large, forever belongs only to my memory, which is an invaluable gift, because time is the only irrevocable resource, but that's not all)
    Every day we construct a new self, become better than yesterday's us, develop in all available ways, lay down new knowledge and experience. In particular, each person,along with all the dreams, stories, criticism and enthusiasm, lays in us not one, but a couple of dozen bricks with a personal signature, in the construction of my name under construction. And this is also irreparable, so it seems to me that it is impossible to part with someone, no one belongs to us, we did not become a single jelly mass, but absolutely played an irreplaceable role in each other's lives)))
    We are who we are, thanks to everything and everyone that happened to us and we are unlikely to know what ” would have happened…if it wasn't for…”

    Among other things, when I meet an interesting/important/whatever person in my life, I simply rejoice at such good luck and the very opportunity to get to know them. I have no desire to turn our Mutual Voluntary communication into a constant (like gravity, which should be daily and that's it!). A person has been somewhere all his life and was moving to another “somewhere” when we crossed paths, just like me, I wasn't waiting for the owner, and you, and anyone else, were just lucky to live next to him for some moments-days-months-years but this doesn't mean that it will always be like this. Only as long as both mutually, mutually, simultaneously want to see each other.

    So in my opinion, there are no breakups, worries and reasons for sadness)
    Everything about us
    Myr myr ^^

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