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  1. They do not exist, if only because of the lack of a stable understanding of what a “country” is. Since Ancient Rome, when a more or less settled population of nations and ethnic groups was formed, the borders of “countries” and “states” have changed many times – Poland alone has completely disappeared from the world map twice in the last three hundred years) �

    Despite the fact that the “elite” is constantly brainwashing the “grassroots”, there can be no concept of “smart population”. But a smart representative of the population is a real fact, regardless of whether he lives in the Russian Federation, the United States or North Korea. This is what we should strive for.

  2. If you mean brainwashing, patriotism, and so on, then this is Germany.�

    If you keep in mind poverty, high taxes, and so on, then this is the United States.�

    If we mean denunciations, surveillance of each other, as a debt, then this is China.�

    The word processed can disguise any subtext that you want to include.

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