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  1. Dear Mr. Komar, most likely your strong emotions are not caused by the harmful influence of psychedelics. The fact is that classical psychedelics (lsd, mesklin, nbom) affect serotonin receptors of types 5-HT-1, 5-HT-2A, sometimes 5-HT-2B and�5-HT-2C, but at the moment it is known that if the first type of receptors are still found in arthropods, then 5-HT-2A, 2B and 2C have not been detected. You can answer that these topics are still poorly understood in arthropods, and you will be right, but the effect of psychedelics is not just that somewhere in the body the receptors are stimulated. They are activated by substances in the highly organized brain (which you don't have, just a few ganglia ), and to be even more precise – in the neocortex, (which is present only in mammals, and has received significant development only in higher ones, and something similar is present in birds).
    The second point that imposes restrictions is that the amount of psychedelic that is usually used is negligible, and as a rule, all of it remains in the central bloodstream and it is already quite difficult to detect it after a few hours, because it is all either in the receptors or breaks down and is disposed of in the liver. You, Mr. Mosquito, have access to the peripheral bloodstream because you don't have a very long proboscis.

  2. This is extremely unlikely. To begin with, we clearly don't know exactly how the mosquito's brain works, whether it experiences pain, or whether psychedelic substances affect it at all.

    Also, it seems to me that because of the very small volume of his brain, it simply would not fit such a huge amount of information that you use and process.

    Also, there are a lot of unclear and incomprehensible details. How can a mosquito, for example, have any idea about the higher psyche, emotions and their management, relationships, human behavior, and so on, given that its life cycle is very, very fleeting?

    And how can his consciousness emulate such a complex and multifaceted thing as “Crime and Punishment”without having the initial information?

    From the ceiling, I would take the approximate probability of 0.000000006 that you are a mosquito who has lost a drug trip from the bite of a certain person who took substances.�

    That's not to mention the fact that I can't even imagine the amount and quality of psychedelic that the guy took, since his blood levels are so high that if a mosquito bites him, it will catch a trip.

  3. According to the postulates of quantum mechanics, such a probability exists.But extremely small

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