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  1. Then it is worth asking the question first of all, ” what is the soul?
    This is an abstract concept invented by people. We can call our thoughts soul, someone can call any mood soul.�

    If the soul is a thought, then it dies along with the human body.

  2. Evidence is usually required to support non-obvious, controversial theses. In the case of the soul, its very existence (and, so to speak, “nature”, essence, immortal status) is not obvious, and in most cases skeptics demand proof that the soul exists and is immortal. So that you, Konstantin Vorobyov, I should explain what you mean by “proof of the mortality of the soul”.

    From the latest in the category “Philosophy” disputes about the soul (though in a mirror format to your question), you can view https://thequestion.ru/questions/343950/mozhet-li-umeret-dusha/answer/483063#/

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