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  1. Dear Vitold Rostislavovich,

    Short answer: the meaning of humanity's existence, laid down by Nature , is the transition from the hustle and bustle called “life” to a Better Life, in accordance with the laws of Nature.

    The history of mankind shows that for millions of years Nature has selected more and more intelligent, responsible, hardworking people. Losers died by the billions, so that thousands could master the laws of Nature and live in harmony with it.

    The selection mechanism is as follows:
    Nature creates a non standard situation
    A person makes a decision
    If the solution is adequate, then Nature rewards man with its gifts.
    If the solution is inadequate, then Nature punishes with fatigue, hunger, disease, and death.
    And the reward and punishment followed INEVITABLY..
    Those who learned the lessons of Nature survived. Losers died.
    Successful people passed on their knowledge to new generations.

    Now there is a man-made World between man and Nature, where the reward and punishment of Nature do not work.
    Therefore, global problems arise.

    All reasonable things!

  2. Nature has created living matter and humanity with great difficulty.

    To consider this absolutely meaningless is extremely presumptuous and suicidal for a person with little knowledge, who even knows very little about himself personally and understands very little. In addition, it is very harmful for the worldview and for the development of science and for health.

    Absolutely all healthy people live and develop with pleasure – in the process of development, the quality of life increases comprehensively-this is a reward from Nature.

  3. Of course not.

    Meaning is a purely human concept: as long as no one has invested it, there is no place for it to come from.

    And humanity doesn't really exist yet. Or is it different for you? then maybe you know the meaning? =))

  4. No. But we are not” like ” started “the whole game” so it is not up to us to decide…))) It is important not to spoil (not to blow up) the Earth, because animals also need it)))

  5. In my understanding, there are two answers, according to the position that a Person occupies in this World.

    1. An atheist
    2. A believer

    For an atheist, the meaning of Life is that he lives and can, while alive and in good health, do something, including make scientific discoveries or simply accumulate buns in the form of money, houses, yachts and other cars.

    As soon as the health is undermined and life is approaching its final stage, the meaning of life for an atheist ceases to exist.

    Well, what is it if a person is lying in bed or sitting in a wheelchair and does not need anything-no yachts, no cars, no money… except for paying nurses.

    For a believer, Life is full of meaning even when he has no cars or yachts.

    The very first meaning (I'm talking about Orthodoxy) is to see your infirmity in the struggle with your passions and committed sins.

    Seeing these passions, which are innumerable, you will understand that you will never cope with this shithead yourself… if only to ask God for help.

    There are many interesting things on the Way for a believer, but not for those who consider scribes and Pharisaism as the basis, but for those who try to live according to the Holy Scriptures, in accordance with the covenants of Jesus Christ.

  6. It depends for whom. But for humanity, maybe not…
    And for its creators, this is an experiment. Maybe interesting and maybe boring… It depends on the stage of development we are at…

  7. There is no such person, “humanity”, each person is a separate independent thinking Person.

    Whatever meaning the individual himself wants to give to his activity, to his existence, he will give it.

    The term ” general meaning of human existence “is indistinguishable from the concept of” predestination”, and it is obviously false and contradicts even the religious concept of” free will”, and even more so contradicts common sense.

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