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  1. A person born with XY chromosomes. Much more real?

    I need to get another 80 characters, and therefore – my dad cooks hell of a meal in general. Here.

    1. He seeks, not harasses.
    2. Rich, but young.
    3. Works, but has a lot of free time.
    4. I never lived with my mother. Orphan.
    5. Looks aren't important, but they're about like Gosling.
    6. Enjoys success with other women, but hates them and avoids them.
    7. I am ready to watch such films as “Three meters above the sky”, “P.S. I love you”, “50 shades of Grey”with you at any time and as much as you want.
    8. Ready to raise any children in any quantity.
    9. Sexually experienced. He doesn't remember his exes at all, not even their names.
    10. He knows perfectly well when to include a brutal man, and when to include an understanding and democratic man.
  2. Plato believed that there are two worlds-the world of ideas, pure eidos and the world of the embodiment of ideas, the world of things, that is, our world, the world in which these ideas are still being distorted in one way or another. This applies to everything literally. That is why he called for philosophy-philosophers, in his words, most strive for the ideal, for the ideal. I'm not sure about philosophers, but the very statement of existing things in the world in my opinion is close to the truth – we talk about love for example and imagine it in our heads in one form or another, but in fact when we meet this love, we often see it crooked and are disappointed. All the terms are conditional-freedom, love, peace, friendship, etc. in our world, they are distorted, not perfect, and have damage. As Kant said , you can't make anything straight out of the crooked wood that a person is made of. (c)�

    The same goes for men – all the images that people present today ( alpha male, macho, sex idol, cool person, experienced in sex, in finance, confident, self-confident-almost daring, etc.) are all twisted images in the minds of people living in a curved space – field. Since sexuality today is one of the whales on which the modern world stands, the image of a real man is appropriate )

    I'm not a prude, and for me, sexuality is important, but not primary. It is primarily the spiritual core, the inner core. Man-from the word husband and rank. From the word courage, courageous. In fact, this is someone who courageously moves through life through obstacles that most people avoid, and does not even want to look in their direction – they are either infantile or feminine in their weak nature. They are looking for comfort, comfort, arrangement in life, this is their symbol of faith, credo and their struggle is a struggle on the sexual front, respectively for macho people. A man is not like that in essence.�

    3 Now gird up your loins like a man: I will ask you questions, and you will explain them to me:
    (Job 38: 3)

    This is someone who accepts the challenge of life and challenges the false order of things in the world. But not like Don Quixote – with all due respect to him, he is still naive and funny in a good way. The man who conquers himself, conquers this illusory world, defeats the” devil ” of this world, and does not worship him or make a contract with him-that's who the real man is.

  3. Of course there is! 8)

    This is a man who simultaneously enters the upper deciles in such parameters as external attractiveness, physical development, financial security, cognitive abilities, sociability, nepotism and economic efficiency.

    Unfortunately, they only exist in science fiction books and movies.

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