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  1. I think that the public consciousness has done more work here. This can be illustrated by the fact that different epochs (and different peoples) had different ideals of beauty. So, for example, the ideal of physical beauty of the Renaissance era will no longer be such (however, some experts believe that the fashion for blonde hair came from Botticelli).�

    Nevertheless, the general fashion for blondes began in the XX century with the appearance of Marilyn Monroe (I think this is no secret to anyone) and continues in the XXI century. From that moment on, blondes were considered both symbols of the era and trendsetters. When Madonna appeared, every show of which was frank and provocatively sexy, she was assigned the title of the head of the sexual revolution around the world, which created a certain image among blondes. Claudia Schiffer, Scarlet Johanson, Jessica Simpson – all of them were also considered sex symbols in their time. (If we talk about eye color, then half of the famous blondes have just the same light, blue eyes).

    Another side of the coin is the stereotypical associations associated with blue-eyed blondes. It is believed that these blonde creatures are gentle, capricious, infinitely feminine, melancholic and passive, and also devoted in love. (And there is also an idea about the psychological perception of color, they say that light is something good, kind, and dark-on the contrary). This view can also influence men's preferences.

    Well, in general, as they say, everyone has different tastes, and sometimes it is very difficult to track what exactly affects them 🙂

  2. Just subconsciously, you think that such individuals will bring you good offspring, if we talk about our animal side – sexual attraction.

  3. Is there any way to explain from an evolutionary point of view that outwardly I only like, say, light-eyed blondes?

    Of course you can! 🙂 Blondes have a higher concentration of estrogen (the female sex hormone). 8)

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