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  1. There's really nothing else. Real means fully, fully, creatively defining what is happening in all its variety of forms of manifestation and interrelations.

    To lose heart, to become despondent suddenly

    And talk to Nietzsche again.

    Catch McConaughey and nice

    In an embrace with whiskey to grieve.

    Human life, what's the deal?

    Just a journey in fate,

    But we don't care,

    The King is dressed, we are in a negligee!

  2. The only real thing left in this life is love.�

    Mother's love.

    Always forgive EVERYTHING, always come to the rescue, give everything for you and do everything for you. And he won't ask for anything in return, only if he wants to put on a hat, because it's cold.

    And of course there is love between a young man and a girl. It's not like that. There, feelings are different and emotions often take over, above consciousness.�

    I have it all-consuming, based on full trust, tenderness, support and affection. Because we can make concessions and understand each other, in three years we have never quarreled. (Though maybe because we're so damn similar).�

    Love is when you see a person and are ready to be anything for them, to do anything and not ask for anything in return, just to see a smile on the face of a loved one (oops). This is when such feelings cause only positive emotions, make you improve yourself, do not stand still, move mountains. When you can't see other people's faces because it doesn't matter. When the whole world, yes tammir, the whole universe is only at your feet.

    “When you are lying in bed, flipping through the vk feed and laughing at jokes. Memasiki strengthen relationships”

  3. Of course there is, but only true love does not last so long, then the attachment stage begins, unfortunately. No matter how much we deny it.

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