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  1. Many world religions recognize the existence of Heaven and hell. All information on this topic is usually taken from revelations that are considered authoritative in a particular religion of the world.

    My Answers to Q's about Heaven and Hell, Based on Information Found in the Bible :

    Will a person be happy in heaven, knowing that his son or daughter, father or mother is in hell?

    Do I understand correctly that according to Christianity, all non-Christians burn in Hell?

    What is the New Jerusalem? What is Paradise? And what is the Bosom of Abraham?

  2. There is. These are the places of temporary residence of souls after death. Made more good-heaven, made more evil – to hell. The concepts of hell and heaven came from Zoroastrianism.

  3. Everyone needs an internal reference point.
    Instead, he gets a set of naive rituals
    and a fairy tale with God on top and the devil on the bottom.
    But heaven, hell, and everything in between is under your skin.
    The pendulum will go from bad to good, and immediately back, the same road.

    (c) Noice

  4. Is there really a heaven and a hell?

    If you take the question literally, the answer is “no”. There is no heaven or hell… not right now. Then? Yes, they will. But also not forever.�

    If we consider only the biblical concept of heaven and hell, then the Bible says that hell will be destroyed, that is, thrown into hell. But ordinary Christians rarely go into such details, which, moreover, are written in figurative language. So it's hardly productive to focus on this. You should not think about hell, but about how not to get into it.

    Well, although not everyone will agree, heaven and hell (hell) are not the only places (or states) where a deceased person (his soul) can go. Hell is for those who knowingly rejected Christ. Paradise is for the members of his Universal Church. those who have accepted Christ. Well, for everyone else – life on Earth. I hope this doesn't bring back memories of The Watchtower magazines… I really hope so.

  5. If you die, you will go to heaven or hell, BUT no one is not vaskrishali! And no one knows exactly about it! If this is what God told you, then on this theory you are violating the rule “If you talk to God, then this is prayer, and if God talks to you, this is schizophrenia!!!” . And as a rule that all geniuses are psychos, it means that some kind of schizo (psycho) I said it, but do you believe it?! But there is also other information that it was written in the Bible!😐…….
    And I have a lot of questions for that!
    People couldn't write. Nakalyakali all sorts of garbage. And you read it?! Conclusion: Normal people don't exist!!!! Everyone has their own side dishes. And those who are in mental hospitals……These people just spoliated!!!

    I'm waiting for more information about this theory!!!

    It's called walking home from school😅

  6. No! Why? — Because everything depends on the place of birth of a person, as well as on what kind of person was born. This is stupid. Because if, for example: you were born in a place where they pray to lava and worship a volcano and don't know anything else and can't know — will you go to Hell? And if a person is born disabled, for example blind+deaf or autistic, it turns out that he is “unlucky” in this life, so even in slkd, he will suffer for nothing — is God such a sadist or a blockhead? “No,” I said. Because it doesn't exist, because people invented it!

  7. the world is not fair – it is a hard place, a place not for life, but for difficulties, struggles, pain, suffering. At the top of the world, people often turn out to be unscrupulous, without conscience and honor, and vice versa – a simple, decent and conscientious person usually has a harder life. Therefore, here I see two options-either the universe of evil itself or ahead of all people waiting for the reward for their lives. The second answer is much more logical for me.

    And secondly, there are many testimonies of people who have experienced near-death experiences and testify to the existence of hell and heaven. Type in any search engine and you will see a lot of content.

    Third , the Holy Scriptures speak about hell and heaven -the Bible, which has always had and still has great authority.

    Valery Bryusov-poems

    Anthology of Russian Poetry

    The Bible

    Oh, the book of books! Who hasn't experienced it,

    In its changing fate,

    How do you heal someone who has betrayed you

    Your tired spirit — to you!

    In the midst of unchanging visions,

    How perfect and pure —

    Your heartfelt pages

    Infant simplicity!

    A chisel, and a pencil, and brushes,

    And the strings, and the singing verse —

    Even brighter, even more radiant

    Create a number of images of yours!

    What poet, what artist

    I didn't come to you, loving you.:

    Jew, Christian, atheist,

    Everyone, everyone learned from you!

    And how many brilliant thoughts

    Invisibly merged with you:

    Through the glitter of your crystal pages

    We shine geniuses dreams.

    You're forever new, century after century,

    Year after year, moment after moment,

    You get up — an altar before a person,

    O the Bible! O book of books!

    You are the truth of the hidden secret,

    You are the revelation, you are the covenant,

    By the Almighty given to the entire universe

    For past and future years!

  8. As an atheist, I can always convince you that the probability of this happening is so low that you can safely answer “no”. Similarly, a believer can convince you that heaven and hell exist. But the only correct answer is “we don't know.”�

    No one knows, and no one can know for sure. As in other things, nothing in this world can be said with 100% certainty.�

    Personally, I don't believe in it, but I hope there is.

  9. Well, if we imagine some simple states of a person where he suffers for his sins, or where they are happy that they lived as prescribed,then we can say that they exist. But these are not just two other dimensions,they are like fragments of our life. In general, the concept of hell and heaven is VERY outdated. If you read Dante's Divine Comedy,you will realize that this antithesis is long out of date in moral terms. Not all people who are supposed to go to heaven are good, and not all people who are supposed to go to hell are bad. If you directly ask about some kind of afterlife and the fact that there may be hell and heaven behind it, then of course it's hard to guess something,but my personal opinion is that this is complete nonsense. I think people used to be a little naive to believe in something without magic and stuff. They needed something with a bit of mysticism, so that people would think that life is not so simple,that there is something hidden behind their eye, they were drawn to develop in some way. They wanted to find ways to talk to higher powers,use their skills, and not progress their own power. This is something I've often wondered about in universes where technology meets some kind of magic. Let's say WWII, Warhammer, starcraft and so on.

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