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  1. The idea of a happy, bright future.

    I will immediately make a reservation that I am talking about eternity as something commensurate, if not with human life, then at least with the existence of humanity.

    As long as there is life, society will always have something to strive for. And as long as there is power, it will promise society to move towards the best.

    The whole world is still waiting for the bright future to come, but this idea is something like a utopia, in the embodiment of which you only have to believe.

  2. There is only the unconscious striving of everything towards the end, and the end of everything itself. And, perhaps, the thermal chaotic equilibrium that the universe will eventually reach.�

    And within the framework of human lives, injustice, head-scratching, stupidity are eternal. (just here how to look, the question is vague).

  3. I will say a few words before the very essence of the question. In my opinion, it is useless to challenge the true judgment. For example:You are what you believe in. A man is faith,without faith, you are not a man. And the question arises: is there something eternal? Both are and are not the same. On the one hand,individually someone believes that there is love between a guy and a girl,and if you fall in love,then this feeling is “forever and ever”. This cannot be disputed,as it is the same as approaching a person who believes in God and saying that God does not exist. In adolescence, our principles and our worldview are not stable.And so the person who believed in God was spoken of as an adult individual. On the other hand, you can argue differently.People mistakenly think that the only thing that can be eternal in our world is time. Of course, this is absurd,time was invented by people to simplify our lives. IT IS ROUGHLY SPEAKING NOT PRESENT. In my opinion,nothing lasts forever in this world.

  4. ashki
    their eternal wakes up someone to do

    Yes, perhaps this is really the only thing that will always remain, if, of course, there is an understanding of right and wrong.

  5. Without fun, happiness, kindness, something good in this world just can not survive. What's the point of living then? Live for life! Everyone probably had happy memories in their life, some moments. Live for joy!Happiness! Otherwise, why are we even here?.

  6. No. In the very logic of the development of nature lies the fact that everything is not eternal. Something can exist for a very long time by our standards. Let's just say “almost forever”. But not absolutely. The probability that there is something eternal tends to zero.

  7. I believe that this is entropy. The desire for chaos and self-destruction. From the very beginning of the universe, from the first second that time appeared, our world tends to self-destruct… and this process is irreversible.

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