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  1. It depends on the extent to which the goal that you set for yourself as a thinking individual was achieved (the goal assumed by your consciousness; the goal set by you when you realize yourself – “I am that person”). If this goal was achieved, then it is definitely a victory. In the opposite case-defeat.

  2. It's always a win. Not everyone can overcome and resist their instincts (sometimes lowly), feelings and desires. For this victory, you also need to know your shortcomings.

    It will be a defeat if you go along with your bad half.

  3. This is a defeat.

    You can think a lot about your dark and bright sides. But it is impossible not to take into account the fact that it is part of one whole. Any object on this earth casts a shadow under the light of the sun. Victory is not about conquering your dark sides, nor cultivating your light sides, but about reconciling both.

    There is day and there is night. There is a low tide, and there is a high tide. There is autumn, and there is spring. Both winter and summer. And all this is in us, we live according to these rhythms and laws. Is nature at war with itself? So why do we need a war?

    Those who want power are at war. And I want to live in harmony with nature, and with myself.

  4. From time immemorial, man chooses between good and evil. He chose, chooses, and will choose. Each of us has two principles: good, merciful and evil, self-serving, just their ratio is individual for each. Every time a person works on himself, and the true meaning of this phrase is to overcome his fears, to get rid of bad habits, or to change the mode of life for the better, and so on, then he defeats that lazy, evil and passive beginning. And this does not depend on the percentage of goal completion, because even the first step towards your goal is already a victory. This is already a victory.

    Referring to the previous answer, I would like to add that even in a situation where a person succumbs to “grueling diets and marathon crosses”, this is still a victory. Yes, even if a person lives with illusions that his body will acquire an ideal form after this violence, in the literal sense of the word, but we must pay tribute to him, he is strong spiritually. Yes, the method of working on yourself is terrible, but how many internal resources were spent on overcoming your laziness!!! In no case do I promote this method of losing weight, I only express my point of view that for me “victory over myself”.

    Definitely a victory.

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