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  1. There's nothing strange about it. Representatives of this ideology, although they profess liberalism, are still leftists. And for the left, it is very typical to forcibly impose their ideology. This also applies to the liberal socialists of Europe and the conservative socialists who rule in our country.

  2. There is a constant struggle of ideologies in the world.�

    Unfortunately, the current type of mental dictatorship in developed countries is a left-wing, liberal ideology. Science, facts, education, and even medicine are adjusted to the left.�

    For sane people and communities, this is a challenge to become more active, educate, and develop in all ways.

  3. Let's put it this way: in a ratio of 1 to 99, this is true. On the one hand, it is ridiculous to think that most scientific facts are forged, and this is really not the case.
    On the other hand, when it comes to the social side, not everything is so simple.
    Take the 19th century:
    – a person is born in a religious family, in a truly religious one, and not as it is now, with prayers, church on Sundays, songs about Jesus. He grows up, gets acquainted with the rules of behavior, with taboos, and there are a lot of them even in heterosexual life, with horror stories about masturbation, and so on. And as for homosexuality, it's beyond the pale, it's hell. A person lives in such an information world and does not know anything else, just imagine it, imagine the power of society over his brain. And such a person becomes a scientist, and such a person begins to study homosexual relations. And now-attention-how can he come to ANY OTHER conclusion than that homosexuality is a terrible disease and evil? What objective conclusions can we draw if there is such a strong social pressure, such a social interest? Here, as it were, everything is clear in advance.

    Well, now it's the opposite, now social morality is working in the other direction, and now it's simply impossible to come to certain conclusions and have some kind of discussion. You can pay for your reputation and professions, and even receive real threats to your address. Because the social interest here is huge.

    Or about global warming. Previously, Al Gore was laughed at all over America, South Park filmed episodes where he is a crazy moron. Now they shoot issues where he was right, and scientists who are engaged in research on the problem receive grants, they print them, they are in trend.

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