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  1. It's a strange feeling. Wake up to the thought:”someone is looking at me.” Attention question. Have you ever had this experience? And who exactly is watching? (There are no pets in the house) Ghosts?
    Here you can give an ambiguous answer.
    1. Perhaps these are some entities that are watching. After all, who knows what lives beyond the other side of the world. Or some bursts of energy.
    2. Perhaps the dream was disturbing, so when you wake up, you get the illusion that someone is nearby.
    Just a defense mechanism.
    3. It is also possible that some sound woke up. Which also creates the illusion of something being present.
    Versions can be created ad infinitum. Which of them is true is difficult to judge. To each his own.

  2. Of course it was. And, in the first minutes, you desperately try not to open your eyes :as if this will save you.. But it was, fortunately, not so often. In general, I try to fuse it on my nerves! If you believe in paranormal things, then naturally there is something in this. I believe a little myself.

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