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  1. If you are absolutely desperate, my dear fellow, and feel hopeless, then the best way to find it is not to look at all. Yes, it sounds paradoxical, but if the fact of the relationship itself is more important for you in the coordinate system, then you can search for any one that you meet. If for copulation, then the same is true (but it is better to just masturbate, at least you will save money). If for a mental connection and more elevated feelings of addiction, then the option I suggested the very first (well, or just continue to scour all possible physical places and social networks).networks where individuals of your preferred gender and orientation spend their time) looks preferable, because you do not waste energy and nerves, but take advantage of the moment right away. Therefore, spend time on meetings with friends, studying, and so on, and at an opportunity ( which is called, so to speak, “it will turn up”), you can already navigate.

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