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  1. Normal. It's just your physical expression of music and thought.

    But I noticed that this happens only with the music that I really like.

    For reflection, such movements are generally quite natural.

    It seems to me that there are two factors here: On the one hand, the body asks for movements in connection with music, and on the other hand, this same music cools powerful thought processes.

  2. Any kind of behavior is normal. The question is different: is it adequate? For example, I have a number of goals in my life, but they can't be worked out just by thinking about them or visualizing them. Then it will harm me. I lived in the virtual world for a while, but I couldn't find myself in the real world. It was difficult to interact with him.

  3. Here you need to determine exactly whether you are thinking or fantasizing. If the second option is closer to you, then you are dealing with Maladaptive Daydreaming (MD). Unfortunately, the phenomenon is almost not studied in Russia, but in foreign sources you can collect a lot of information on MD. It is not even clear whether MD can be considered a mental disorder. Main recommendations: getting out of your comfort zone, meditating, playing sports, and communicating with your loved ones.

    1. Also, I want to get rid of this habit, and then even on a visit I do not linger.Well, you're not the only one, so don't worry,it's fine,you just have to try to hold back from it,and I think it will pass.
  4. It's the same for me. Several times a day I can walk for hours and fantasize different things. Most likely, you have obsessive dreams, read the symptoms on the Internet and you will immediately understand whether this is about you or not

  5. Hi, this is actually just great!
    You can think, you can walk and listen to music! Get high on life! There are people who can't do any of this!!!

  6. Certainly. Движение Movement – life. �And music is a good thing. And thinking, as a rule, is not harmful. Yes, and it all goes together – very well. Even though I can do without music… when there is no need to drown out more unpleasant noise.

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