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  1. I have this too, I hate it! This is some kind of disorder, neurosis or similar.
    Vera above correctly wrote it flows along with anxiety. I can't formulate basic things and say them as I want, but sometimes on the contrary I think so clearly and smoothly, quickly and efficiently as under cocaine 😉

  2. It's the same for me. Put neurosis+ depressive. Recently there was such a situation that I can't speak or write, and even mentally build a sentence!!!! I even started reading, rewriting the text from writers (I thought the brain would write down how to build a sentence) —nope!!! Now I've lost my friends, my job…. And I can't just go to the store and tell the seller what I need. “no one understands. Although…many people still think that I, they say, am a quiet person, I worry, because this may be so, but this is not it. My hands are already dropping,I don't know what to do…

    But, if you are not like me, then you can still correct the situation. Good luck!!!

  3. The reasons may be different. This can be increased anxiety, or a post-stress experience, neurosis or psychosis, diabetes mellitus or alcoholism. The range of causes is diverse: from schizophrenia to menopause. Or maybe the body lacks some kind of hormone.�

    Very often accompanied by cognitive impairment is an increased level of anxiety. And anxiety can be a symptom of some disorder. For example, endogenous depression.

    Definitely the body's resources are depleted for some reason. It is necessary to resource the body, strengthen it, and relax.

    1. I have exactly the same problem.. for example, things that I used to be very afraid of don't bother me anymore, and even if something bad happened, I don't care anymore. I used to be disturbed by my actions, but now I don't even feel guilty. my head is literally empty, I noticed that I don't really think about anything other than my physical abilities. This is the only way I can formulate some text in my correspondence, but not like this. I feel bad about it.. I want to bring back the old version of myself, now I'm like an empty fish.
  4. I myself began to notice this-that it is difficult to think through an abstract thought in my head, so I used some temporary ways to increase intelligence, during which I came to the frightening conclusion-you, us, all, the people, the peoples are being zombified by the forces of the world of everything, and you (like me) just slowly began to pay attention to it. But never mind, this will soon pass as well

  5. If you are an active person, like to read, communicate, play sports, work, need to take vitamins and drink water, give yourself a boost, or if you are not active on the contrary, that is, you do not exercise, do not read and spend the whole day on the computer, take a break from it, get some sleep, and then start straining your mind. And if you are sick or nervous-this can also be the reason for this. So eat, sleep, exercise, and think.

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