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  1. This is a defensive reaction. Bad people can't accept someone else's success. In this way, they try to assert themselves and justify themselves in their own eyes or in the eyes of others.

  2. We forget about “jealous” right away.
    Of course, envious people sometimes meet in life, but we still forget and never remember.
    We remember that people around us are different, and it is impossible to cut everyone's hair under the same comb = assign everyone one reason for abusive behavior.
    We understand that if you are insulted, it means that you have caused people some negative feelings. Maybe because they are essentially evil, maybe because they are not evil, but just you, and their actions are a reaction to your behavior.
    Or maybe it's not that at all, but that they were simply not brought up very well.
    And now we remember that people are different, and we try to understand their motives individually.
    This is difficult and not always necessary, but there is no other way to get the right answer to your question.

  3. I think it's obvious: to shake the other person's self-confidence. If one person is beautiful, then the other will undoubtedly try to convince him of this, make some sharp remarks about him, give rise to doubts and even complexes (this is generally the top of what is desired for the envious person). After all, a lot depends on self-perception. If a person succumbs and believes in his ugly nose or that he is somehow bad, then others will think the same. Consequently, from the outside, it can be said that he will no longer be as beautiful or as capable as everyone previously thought of him.

    PS On my own behalf, I will add: I am a violinist by profession, and you (if anyone is not familiar with this field) can not even imagine what envy and anger I went through on the way to my goal. Many times there were tears, an eternal struggle with myself and with my shortcomings, developing the ability to close my eyes and ears from evil tongues, and, in the end, I achieved what I was striving for. And I strongly advise you to trust only your own assessment or the assessment of someone you really believe.

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