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  1. What helps more is not visualization, but sensualization – when you imagine what you will feel when you get what you want and reproduce these sensations in your body.

    Visualization works for me personally only when I connect the “sending love” technique to it.

  2. I've had this experience before.it is more difficult to implement it constantly.That is, if you managed to visualize it once, it does not mean that it will be possible all the time.

  3. As they say, in modern pop psychology, visualization helps to fulfill desires. But in reality, it rather hinders the achievement of the goal. I'll explain why: First, you stop focusing, imagining the fulfillment of the goal, i.e. prematurely provoking a sense of success. The imaginary image acts as a substitute for reality, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the efforts made, so that a person, in the future, will not act at all, but will hope that the goal will come true. Secondly, if we talk about visualization when building the desired technique (for example, in sports: athletes, wrestlers, and others), then it is easier for a person to create a certain scheme in their brain to complete the goal. And this, in particular, helps athletes.

  4. I've heard about exactly the opposite effect: if you have a very vivid idea of what you want, your brain takes it for reality and begins to believe that you already have it, that is, everything is OK and you can do nothing) Moreover, if you do get what you want, you may be disappointed, because it will be different from your ideas. In addition, a clear visualization leads to looping and not being able to see alternative possibilities. My opinion is that you should not visualize your desires, but clearly represent specific steps to achieve them. The goal may be more general, but the tasks may be specific.

  5. I don't really believe in all these “near-secret” things, but I have experience with visualization. Even when I was in high school, you used to want a new phone or some other garbage, so you take these techniques and use them. Time passes-I forgot, and then bang, and out of nowhere comes any opportunity to achieve this goal. Actually achieved it. It's probably not even like “the universe and the law of attraction”, but you are purely subconsciously setting yourself up to achieve this goal.

  6. Visualization is a fun thing that may or may not make you get out of bed. It all depends on you. Perhaps it will move you to the realization of those very desires, or you will not even pay attention to what is there and how you are visualized.

    The visualization of my desires doesn't affect me at all.

  7. If you are asking if anyone has ever experienced this, then there are probably more than one person who will confirm it. As for me, visualization is just a rehearsal. It's like with movies, when you watch them for the first time, some details are missed, but when you watch them again, you already know how it will end, and you spend more time on small things and individual lines. It's the same in real life. You imagine in your head what and how you will do (but with an admixture of your desires), and try to implement it in more detail, experiencing it all in life.

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