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  1. Have you thought about what will happen to him, to the world, if you are not there? What if it ends with your conscious and subconscious mind? Do you have any guarantees that it will exist without you? No science will ever prove this to you (although it will be very active to try)!

    Cherish it within yourself, be happy with such possession, and at least try not to prevent others from being happy, even if they are only / especially if they are aspects of your own consciousness and subconscious.

  2. Don't get rid of it. You have to live with that. Our life is meaningless and that's the only reason we live. And it's fun!

    It's the only thing worth living for! Realizing their absolute insignificance. This is the strength of humanity. We live in spite of our insignificance, finding meaning even where it seems to be absent.

    Do you understand? You've probably heard that the whole is more than just putting the parts together? But there is another point that is often overlooked by many. The fact is that there are cases when a part is equal to the whole. Do you understand?

    For example, the infinity of even numbers is equal to the infinity of natural numbers, although the number of even numbers is half (part) of the total number of natural numbers, in this case acting as an”integer”. This is from school math.

    Do you understand? A part is equivalent to a whole. That is, being a nonentity, you may be everything at the same time! You are equal to the Universe, to everything that Exists!

    So, never mind, stay insignificant. You just have a chance to understand your fundamental relationship with the entire infinity of semantic series of the Universe, up to identification with it.

    Franklin Merell-Wolff used to say that true knowledge comes from identification. You are now identified with the idea of the insignificance of existence. Try another idea. Why give some idea a monopoly power over you?

  3. What exactly do you want to know? Each of us is insignificant on a global scale. Your every cell is insignificant on the scale of your body, but if it becomes cancerous, the whole body will suffer, won't it? Have you thought about it?

  4. And it is not better to make it seem the other way around.After all, this “seems” was invented by you yourself ! And then I got caught up in it .You created this situation yourself .What are you, a fool? Take it as you created it and erase it or reprogram it ! After all, he invented his whole idea of the world and thought it up for himself and believed it.You are the creator of your own opinion about the world around you.So change and there will be happiness.Millions of books have been written about it.Here, no one can answer this question in a nutshell.Here you have to deal with the inner world of a person,and if these false ideas are concreted, then you will have a lot of work on yourself for many years to come ! It's not like blowing a candle .

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