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  1. More precisely, learn to love God and learn to love your neighbor. I do not think that the occupation of “other issues” is inherent in all priests without exception. But the answer is obvious:”because they don't keep the commandments.

    “By their fruits you will know them”

  2. The love of Christ is very difficult. This is not just “to love someone”, but “to love as yourself”. That is, to become a single organism with someone. This is not so easy to teach. This can only happen as a miracle. You become everyone. This is possible only through God.

    The first commandment is to love God, and through Him your neighbor. Christianity is the unity of all in Christ, one Body of Christ. That is, love for one's neighbor through love for God in the first place.

    God is the center. As people approach the center, they approach each other. This is the essence of Christ's commandments.

    Well, human relationships remain ordinary. Although in the penitential prayer, the priest always reminds that malice, backbiting, etc. are a sin. The church always emphasizes a friendly and respectful attitude towards each other. Related names: brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers. All believers bow to each other at the meeting, considering each person-a partaker of God-as a saint. Priests, young men, kiss old ladies. Where else will you see this? True, now because of the quarantine, this will not happen. But, we hope, temporarily. On Easter night, I'm sure the ban will be broken.

    The whole one Body of Christ is an ideal unattainable by man. I am me, not ” we.” But churches are built and served, and people enter them-in essence, to bring this ideal closer. That is, to come to church does not mean to love everyone overnight, but to LOVE THE DREAM OF UNIVERSAL LOVE. And then it's a small matter-to pray for the materialization of this dream. Priests help to do this through the prayers of holy people. Priests themselves are not necessarily saints, just as musicians playing Beethoven are not great composers themselves.

  3. Because it is our duty to love our neighbor, not priests and popes, but you and me. And in every case, they are the main ones only for those who have regularly strengthened their faith and learned to love their neighbor. Otherwise, it will not be love for one's neighbor, but abomination and fornication, to put it very briefly)

  4. There are different types of priests. Someone is pure in heart, someone just goes there. Those who are not pure use religion as a business, because they have nothing to do with the true teachings of Jesus.

  5. Because in such priests, by default, there is more of the material, which pulls them down to prosperity and well-being, to the egregor of tsekvi, of which these priests are adepts, than of the purely spiritual, which lifts a person up above the vanity of their life and brings them closer to the true God….

  6. 90 percent of the church sermon discusses these two commandments-love for God and love for one's neighbor. And this is true in all faiths, including Orthodoxy. You can easily see this when you get a closer look at the life of the Church.

  7. A person cannot love his neighbor by himself.

    Man, because of his fallen sinful nature (the flesh), has only “the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.”

    There are three worlds (levels) of the universe: spiritual (God, angels), spiritual (devil, demons) and physical.

    Accordingly, there is material love (eros), spiritual love (filia), and spiritual love (agape).

    Only God can love agape, which is exactly what He did on the cross.

    A person, naturally, if he really believes in Christ, can only allow this very love to flow through him, which is poured out in his heart by the Holy Spirit (Rom. 5: 5).

    It is impossible to teach this.

    This is why it is written that only the Holy Spirit can guide us into all truth, and the believer does not need to learn from other people (1 John 2:27).

    The task of the more experienced believer in Christ is precisely to teach the new convert to communicate with the Holy Spirit, Who will teach everything.

    It is also written that there is one God, and there is also one mediator between Him and people – Jesus Christ.

    This means that all the popes, patriarchs, pastors and their gigantic retinue of freeloaders, supposedly priests, are real impostors who put themselves as intermediaries between God and people, contrary to His Word.

    That's why they don't teach love, because every single one of them bows to mammon and teaches how and for what the flock should unconditionally obey and unfasten their loot.

    But it's written in the Bible. that a reasonable builder HIMSELF dug (in the word of God Bybli) and went deep to lay the foundation of his faith, and did not leave it to greedy fat-bellied priests, pastors and other sycophants from religion.

  8. And why discuss asphalt roads if you need to get from point A to point B? There are commandments. It remains to observe them in any life situations, and not to chatter your tongue idly. These are the life situations that priests sort out.

  9. Why is it that instead of discussing how to learn to love one's neighbor, priests are preoccupied with other questions?

    It's obvious. Because other issues are much more important to them than the commandments of Christ. Because they themselves do not understand the teachings of Christ.

    You will see what they pay more attention to. Observance of rites, wearing purple and gold, attending public meetings, etc. They're so busy that they don't even have time to think about God.

  10. Watch the TV channel “Spas”, for example. What do priests discuss? That's right – viewers ' questions. Which, sometimes, are very far from the spiritual sphere at all, almost from the series – ” what color should I paint the fence with-blue or green?”. Simply because people who are far from it do not understand the difference between spiritual and worldly life. Almost a third of them are experiencing the loss of loved ones, and they probably need more psychological help. As a result, when answering such questions, priests show their love for everyone, although many things are generally beyond their competence. And these are not solutions to spiritual issues,but practical examples of love for people, even if these issues are not related to Orthodoxy. And, formally speaking, it turns out that there are conversations not about God sometimes, but about other topics that are the very love that people can and should learn from. We are not talking about the activity of priests during prayer, the liturgy, it is dedicated to the love of God, and this is obvious. Pay attention to the words of Jesus:” By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you love one anotherJohn 13: 35. That is, dealing with other issues, which may also be manifestations of love between people, is already practical, on earth. What will be the cost of a thousand discussions – how to learn to love your neighbor, against a single case in which this very love is revealed? Although, from the outside, it may look a little different, as if people are not busy with their own business. But God sees in the heart of every person, and everyone will be rewarded. Therefore, take care of yourself, your soul, your love for God and your neighbor, do not judge anyone and do not discuss in a negative way. The world is not perfect, people are not perfect, there is no one without sin. You know what's best – take it and do it!

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