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  1. The point is not even in the subject of the joke, but in the elegance of its construction, semantic load and complexity: it should be optimal for the level of intelligence and worldview of the audience (in this case, for me). As an example: compare any Comedy Club resident and conditional George Carlin. The former, compared to the latter, are not funny at all, although it is the latter that raises more acute topics, and there are no less jokes on the verge of a foul.

  2. On the topic of politics, no matter how banal it may sound.�
    Here… My answer seems to be finished. And why are 140 characters given here? Let Thequestion know that in some questions the answer may be less.

  3. On the topic of Ukrainian television and shows in particular. Obmusolivanie on the Internet all sorts of “detector of lies”, “kohana, mi vbiivayemo ditey”, “poloveinki”, “vid patsanki do panyanka” causes me only terrible shame and disgust.

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