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  1. This happens largely because the brain, in its spare time, processes information: the external environment, emotional state, health, and analyzes the future. But when there is no free time during the day, he does it before going to bed, which often prevents people from falling asleep – a common problem.
    If you're on social media during the day. social networks, play games, or constantly communicate – then you don't have time to analyze the situation too much, no matter how bad or good it may be. If you want to get rid of this, then I advise you to lie down for 10-20 minutes and just think with your eyes closed. Thoughts will go on their own, so you should not direct them in any way. In this way, your brain will have time to do all the necessary work and by the evening you will feel relaxed enough to get enough sleep.
    I am writing this because I myself have encountered a similar problem and have been looking for a solution for a long time. After two weeks of this practice, the thoughts before going to bed that prevent you from falling asleep are gone.

  2. Evolutionarily, the evening and night seasons were the most dangerous and disturbing for humans. At this time, humans were most vulnerable to predators. Scientists believe that the common problem of nocturnal experiences and thoughts lies precisely in this. Of course, this is all not so flat and in the modern world, this initially simple reason has acquired new aspects.

    How to relax before going to bed – a lot has been written. The main thing is that this is normal and you are healthy. But when you are in a good mood in the evening, and in the morning “everything is bad” – this is a reason to be wary, as this is considered a sign of deep stress or even contagious depression.

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