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  1. I don't know where that quote came from, but I can understand Lucifer )

    “Justice” is one of the most powerful illusions, intellectual fakes, a basis for manipulation, which is successfully used by scammers and scammers of all stripes, from politicians to unfaithful spouses…)

    Belief in some kind of objective justice is one of the properties of the infantile psyche. An adult understands that it is only fair that you can declare yourself as such and defend it.

    In fact, it is precisely this question that is key in distinguishing the Jewish Old Testament doctrine, with its just God, and the evangelical Christian one: the main idea of Christ is that ” Mercy is higher than justice.”..

  2. I believe that you took this quote from an Oral Tradition.

    And here we are talking about the temptation of Angels by the highest of them – Lucifer. Very well explained here by Evgeny B.

    Lucifer, envying the Son of God, Who is the Light of His Wisdom, decided to prove to God the Father (the Mind of the Creator) that in the work of creation it is possible to do without the Son of God! They say that we are Angels (first of all, meaning ourselves), also intelligent entities and are also able to radiate the light of creativity in His, God's, will.

    And with these words you quoted, Lucifer aroused the spirit of pride in the other angels – so, they say, you, intelligent entities, are “pushed around” by another Entity! So Lucifer raised a rebellion of discontented angels in heaven, on the principle of the current color revolutions.

    And the” Box ” just opened here – Lucifer, as the highest of the Angels, wanted to put himself in the place of the Son of God and, in the name of God the Father, rule the universe!

    The same globalization as now on earth, with the same substitution of top management and management.

    The origins of the term “JUSTICE” in its root-RIGHT-truth, righteousness – ” … following the norm or truth, not being biased towards anything or anyone, correctness …”!

    There is evidence in the Bible that the tempter accused God of lying – and what happened in heaven among the angels was a precedent for what later developed on earth … in the temptation of man … like a DOUBTING angel … now it's too late … in the flesh !

  3. Where did you get these “Lucifer's first words to the angels”? There is nothing like this in the Scriptures. Accordingly, only the author of this dubious story can answer the question.

  4. It is not clear how you learned the devil's first words to the angels. So you need to find the source where you got it from and try to connect this phrase with the general semantic message of this source. There is no such thing in the Bible.

  5. First of all, the name Lucifer does not belong to Satan the devil, as many people think. And secondly, this quote “the laws of God are not fair to you” was never uttered in the Bible.

    1. Justice is equal rights. The same rules of law apply to all citizens of the state, without privileges to any officials, security forces, oligarchs and other feudal lords, as it was in the RI, the USSR and the Russian Federation now.

    For angels, this is the Creator's equal attitude toward all his creatures. True, the clever Lucifer wanted the humans to be poochuhanili, and forgot that the God created all sorts of demons and other serpents-tempters )) It was necessary to equalize all then ))

    1. The origins of justice lie in survival, in natural selection. If the Ushliks receive privileged advantages “by order, according to the hierarchy”, it will be like Stalin's retinue of sycophants and Kaputin after the death of the Leader, rot and degradation.

    There should be a competitive positive selection of the most intelligent and useful, even angels, even humans, even animals. Actually, this selection is always there, but sometimes powerful freaks try to stop it.

    1. Well, as for religion, the main thing to remember is that God knew in ADVANCE and created the angels just so clumsy )) capable of the fall )) And of course it's all by God's design, giggles and Lucifer's words and his pride and the Serpent got into paradise and Eve plucked the apple – all by God's will.

    Actually, it is clear that the Father of evil and sins, who is the root cause of everything vile and evil in our world..

    Only one root cause of all pissing )) there are no other root causes ))

  6. “the laws of God are not fair to you” – Lucifer's words sow doubt in the minds of angels about the word and will of God that they would stray from the path of light. This doubt is embedded in the egoistic principle that exists in every being, which is responsible for the personal “ego”. In this case, Lucifer used justice as a tool, noticing in the angel his separateness and uniqueness, independence from the will of God, playing with his ” ego ” so that he was proud and really felt not justice in relation to himself from God, little power, little will, little money, etc., so that as a result of which the angel went over to the side of Lucifer. By itself, justice always implies equality; Masha was given 2 candies and Pasha only one, not fair! Justice is when Masha and Pasha have only 1 candy each.

    But, each such justice has its own pitfalls and a few “BUTS”. Let's say Masha and Pasha were given one candy each, but Pasha says that this is not fair because he has never tasted candy in his life until this moment, and Masha until this moment was brought a box of sweets every month, it was fair to give Pasha the second one. Subtle? Where is the justice here? Can we use the nuances of the past in the current situation, when calculating justice?

    So does Lucifer, substituting concepts, playing with us.

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