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  1. Oh, my friend, trust me, you'd better go for it. Don't flatter yourself that one day she will realize what happiness she has here under her nose. You'll save time and be more experienced . 4 years fo friendzone, belive mi bro, I know what I'm talking about.

  2. Yes, here the answer is simple and hackneyed, like grandfather's sneakers – It's better to run into a knife than to entertain yourself with dreams.

    Yes, I understand it's hard and scary to get rejected, but only with it you can move on. And in limbo, you can lose a lot, because there is no mood, there is absolutely not enough moral strength, because of this, relations with people deteriorate further, like a snowball.

    The last time I was in this situation , I was left without one of my two best friends, had a fight with my father, and a bunch of other less important, but still, things. After that, I sat down, thought about it, and when I realized that I was violently bombed and I changed, my life and perception changed, and life became fun and cool, my strength appeared.

    Of course, this method is not suitable for everyone, due to the nature and a bunch of other factors, but as an option-why not, right?

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