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  1. First, as long as a person is alive, there is hope that things will get better. This is exactly the HOPE – after all, it is not a fact that such a thing will happen. But both a person's own life experience and general cultural tradition suggest that change is possible. If you die, you definitely lose this opportunity.

    Secondly, no one knows exactly what happens after death. It is easier for believers in this respect – they also do not know, but they believe in eternal life (and, by the way, for a believer to wish himself dead is not very correct). But mostly there is this effect: it is bad here, but at least it is clear and predictable. But what's out there is unknown, so it's a little scary.

    Third, the process of dying itself is not associated with anything good – pain, helplessness, separation from loved ones.

    Fourthly, almost every one of us on this earth has some obligations-to other people, to ourselves, to animals (how many single grandmothers suffer greatly from age-related diseases, but they keep themselves alive because “I will die, and my Murka will be thrown in the trash!”).

    Fifth, there is such a thing as adaptability. A person gets used to his bad life. And he doesn't like her, of course – but, in general, she seems quite normal, like everyone else, or at least many people.

    I've thought about this a lot in my time. It seems to me that the most common reason why people are “dissatisfied with their lives, but they do not want to die” is the point “first”. After all, life is a precious gift to each of us. And even when a person feels very bad, he intuitively understands this.

    Yes, and, alas, it happens that the cup overflows, and all the points listed above are devalued. And then the person no longer wants to live and somehow leaves.

  2. Well, I've been unhappy with my life many times.

    For example, I couldn't find a toilet in a foreign city for a long time. But I decided not to die, but to look for more, then I decided not to be afraid and ask the locals. Still found and … I even experienced some happiness as soon as I found it.

    Then I couldn't find a job for a long time, I was afraid that I would be left without a penny at all and starve to death.

    But then I somehow found it and was even satisfied at first.

    And on the hike, when we got lost, I was told that the night seems to be the darkest before dawn.

    It is about the same with the discontent of life.

    To die is to run away from difficulties, although you may already have some clarity tomorrow … in my head.

  3. They don't want to die because they're scared. And it's scary to change something in life in order to be happy with it. It is always easier to blame your family, circumstances, superiors, etc., than to take care of yourself. And do something that will bring satisfaction, happiness.

  4. Because if your business is bad, then it can still change for the better in the future, and death is the final point and after it there will certainly be no opportunity to fix something.

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