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  1. If a person has off-scale ambitions and wants to get into world history. If there is a big difference for him, will he be a hero in it or an anti-hero? Or society e
    After all, if you think about it this way, there are quite a lot of antiheroes in world history, maybe even more than half, and they also have their own fans. Centuries pass, and their names are on the lips, books are written about them and films are made about them.
    Here lives a man who is nobody and call him anything. But he has “high ambitions and” a maniacal desire to get into world history or leave with a loud slam of the door, ” to make his name on the lips of many, he just wants fame. And “all he has to do to do this in the modern world is just go “shoot people and the more you shoot, the higher you will take a place in” history. He shoots , and then the media will do their job, his name, his life story will be heard from every corner. It is much easier to become famous with evil than with good. The main question is whether for a person who wants to “become famous” it has a special meaning how will his descendants remember him as a hero or an antihero? Which is better, for example, to be Hitler in history, or to be Merkel, or to be no one at all?

    That is, it turns out that we ourselves do everything to ensure that this is repeated.
    Maybe the most sensible thing to do is just not mention the name of this person, erase it from history. Keep the media banned from mentioning the names of such psychopaths?

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