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  1. There is nothing shameful or unnatural about masturbation. Even in the Bible, Onan was not condemned for masturbation itself, but for interrupted sexual intercourse. On the contrary, periodic masturbation is even useful for several reasons, as I see it. The first is sexual and psychological unloading, the second in men, masturbation helps to remove old sperm with low mobility from the genital tract. The next ejaculate will contain fresher sperm, which may also increase the chance of conception.

    Completely without masturbation, you will be hard and uncomfortable, I know for myself, I tried it when I was bothering about religion. In general, ask yourself if you really want to give it up and why, what it will give you. In fact, only you can decide what to do with your body and limit yourself only for the sake of someone's approval is wrong.

  2. Addiction is not to masturbation, but to ejaculation… masturbation is one of the ways to get rid of semen. They masturbate mainly for two reasons – either there is no available woman with whom you can “finish”, or there is no desire/time/opportunity to have sex, and you want to” finish”.

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