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  1. It all depends on many factors. A woman's initiative is indicative, but it is not the main mark of a woman's assessment. Speaking about myself , I would definitely be interested in this, because it means that the girl, most likely, does not build outdated, boring stereotypes in her head, she is more flexible, which means it will be easier in a relationship with her. But this is only one side of the coin. Overall, the initiative is more of a plus)

  2. Positively. I do not have any restrictive beliefs about women or myself that suggest that such behavior deserves any kind of condemnation or other negative attitude.

    I don't think much of such women – I either react or ignore them. If she's trying to woo me, then she probably isn't my type. I'm very flexible and don't slow down, so you don't have to try too hard – just flirt with me, and if I don't have a reaction, then I don't have the desire.

    Or she wants a relationship that I don't want (for example, more serious than I'm interested in – at this stage, or specifically with her), then I don't make unnecessary promises to her, but just continue the relationship that exists. You need to be especially vigilant, and not say something foolishly, so that the girl does not start to falsely encourage herself and then get a deep resentment.

    But in any case, such intentions are always pleasant, so why should there be a negative attitude?

    Good luck and all the best in life no offense,


  3. I feel very good about such bold girls. She was the first to write to the guy ,since then 5 years together.He is always grateful that I initiated the relationship.So girls be more bold. The world is changing and we are changing with it))

  4. apparently, in addition to the shy, all this will be perceived as an obsession, which means that it is not in demand. as a result, it often ends up just fucking. I watched. once by marriage – but she got pregnant and he had to.

  5. So this is absolutely natural!!!
    Since the number of girls who can like a normal man is obviously more than the one he will have time to pay attention to, especially if he is already in a relationship, then the girls have no choice but to take the initiative.
    Well, no doubt more attractive than when the lady lay down and woke up…))

  6. I have never treated such a thing badly, there was no condemnation, no bad attitude, but even more respect. I interested the person who found it necessary to spend minutes of their time on me thank you.

  7. I have a positive attitude, it's a pity that I didn't come across such girls. And so I want someone to achieve you) I didn't see the continuation in the comments

  8. If I like her, and I'm too shy to admit it, then I'll be only too happy. But if the girl is inadequate and I don't like it, then it will cause irritation. There are such stalker girls that they follow you. I came across one. I only agreed to go for a walk once. During the walk, she said that she once tried to commit suicide, that she was fired, accused of molesting a security guard, that nothing in life pleases her, and offered to go for a walk to the abandoned Khovrin clinic. I interrupted the conversation, and she sent me sweet postcards with sparkles and bunnies on the web for a long time. Filled up the wall. I had to blacklist it. If the girl does not like it, but is adequate, I will try to politely refuse.

  9. Men write nonsense. They only like it online when their women are courted. And in real life, they merge, even if they like the girl. Apparently, they confuse finishing with a subtle hint.

  10. I think she listens to herself and in this case, she has sincerity and brain (because choosing for appearance is right and smart), if her dopamine chose me as the reason for its appearance. just don't get what the fuck if dobizza it should be if only a provocation on my part. and stupid – if I don't answer her once or twice and would still continue.

  11. My woman invited me, took me for a walk, and stirred me up. I'm not shy, but I don't like dating, I don't want new people in my life, but she succeeded. Because a women's initiative sometimes “causes” mutual interest when she is smart and self-sufficient and knows what she wants.

    Vulgar thoughts will arise in a man only if he himself is initially determined only to flirt and fuck. The dogma about the cable and the bitch, where the second one is sitting waiting for someone beautiful, wealthy, unmarried to finally appear and choose her, has long since become obsolete.�

    So yes, when a woman gets the man she wants, it's as normal as it is pleasant.

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