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  1. Read the book “Total Psychotherapy of being”. This isn't just another psychedelic Carnegie brainwash ( although I really like it) . the book was written by a friend of mine . It reads simply , I am sure that after the penultimate chapter you will feel better in all areas of life !

  2. If you are now an adult, you have only one respectful way left: write her a letter or email, where you can explain in detail your feelings and what you have understood during this time. And then leave the choice to her — to resume a relationship with you or not. To try by any means to “achieve” a person means to put your desires above his desires, and this is just infantilism. So let her know your position and accept the decision she makes.

  3. When you get older, you have to do very serious things. And in this case, you just need to let go. You can keep loving her, but she doesn't have to know, it's a harsh world, man. Let her go.

  4. Well, it all depends on the reason for the breakup, but it is also possible that it was very difficult for the girl (breakup and / or relationship), so she tried to forget you in any way. But here you still need to look at the situation

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