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  1. The MIND can be Evil and Kind. The Genius of Evil and the Genius of Good. The word UMISHKO means the minimum level of development of the MIND.

    The MIND is definitely only Kind. Reasonable=Wise. This is a higher stage than just the MIND.

  2. The mind is a person's ability to think. And people have come up with many ways to identify intellectual abilities (from iq and lq-this is a test for determining creative abilities, to various tables and structured tests, such as the Eysenck test, etc.) The concept of “Mind” is more modern.

    Unlike the concept of” Mind”, the concept of “Mind” is more fundamental. The mind, as a manifestation of something spiritual and something original for a person, arose in very ancient times. But this concept is most clearly conveyed in the works of Plato, Aristotle and Democritus. Hence all the trends, respectively (Aristotelianism, Platonism and Neoplatonism, Stoicism, etc.) After the works of these famous thinkers, there were already deeper disagreements about the concept of “Reason” in such trends as Gnosticism and Agnosticism. But they are all branches of the same thing. We can draw an analogy to church disagreements. Just remember how many branches of religion there are, but Wikipedia will tell you more about this.

  3. The Vedas tell us about the existence of 8 primary elements: earth, water, fire, air, ether, Mind, Intelligence and false ego.

    The mind is a subtle mental structure that interacts with the senses. If the Mind controls the senses, it becomes the best Friend; if it doesn't, it becomes the worst enemy! The function of the mind is to answer the question: like or dislike. Children's level, don't you agree?) But keeping a calm mind in our crazy World is quite difficult.

    The Mind is a more subtle and higher mental structure designed to control the mind. The function of the Mind: to answer the question: right – wrong.

    • I will do it even though I don't want to, because it will benefit me!

    • I won't do it, no matter what I want to do, because it will do me harm!

    Let's be reasonable and be friends with the Mind!🙌🏼

  4. Mind as formation, development.

    This word is used in these cases.

    The mind is like a whole already formed.

    There are no quirks here,just someone, once decided that it would be easier this way)

  5. The mind is the result of the work of the thinking organ.

    The mind is an enlightened mind with conscious knowledge, understanding, meaning, etc. It is formed from: RA z MIND, where RA is a symbol of light, enlightenment, Sun, etc.

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