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  1. Our “morality” is straight from the Middle Ages, where there were bloody “holy” wars, witch hunts, executions based on denunciations, as well as epidemics – in short, death at every turn. At the same time, there was a complete ban on everything natural: food, sex, self-preservation, the search for happiness on earth… even birth itself was considered a sin. It was argued that a person “cannot but sin”, and must repent all his life … �

    In the Middle East, a woman is wrapped in a burqa – and she has no rights.

    In modern Europe, you can convince a child (!) to “sweep the floor”, but you can't change his mind back.

    That is, the “morality” of” morals ” is different.

    This whole madhouse has nothing to do with common sense.

  2. Well, it's just very simple.

    Common sense relies on maximum results at minimal cost.

    And morality is usually absolute, if it is, of course, public morality and not personal.

    For example, the commandment thou shalt not kill.

    From the point of view of common sense, killing a person who kills dozens of others is profitable and reasonable, especially since no one will cry for him.

    And from the point of view of morality, this is murder and violation of human rights.

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