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  1. Both. After all, the system was not formed by itself. It is tailored to the people it consists of. And at the same time, it tends to be preserved. So the system suppresses sluggish attempts to go against it, and condemns decisive actions, rejecting and marginalizing the people who commit them.

  2. You know, the only thing that perhaps distinguishes greyness from non – greyness is the desire to create.

    talents and other things are secondary.
    without the very desire to create , you do not create, and therefore there is no need for talents.

    But, do we all want to create? This is not the first time in my life to hang a shelf.
    the desire to create in any field is a constant need.

    and perhaps this is the only thing that distinguishes us.

    To say that the system of society supposedly destroys individuals is complete nonsense.
    in the wild, too, not every wolf becomes a leader, although their living conditions are exactly the same.

    However, w-is laid down so that only one will become.

    And what's the problem with being who you are and being happy with yourself?)
    do you really have to be some kind of genius?

  3. Unfortunately, this is true. Basically, we are a completely gray biomass that has no specific interests and aspirations, except to meet its basic needs. Remember how you imagined your adult life as a child. Remember? I'm sure you didn't realize that the interests of 80% of people are tied to coitus, worrying about other people's opinions about themselves (and why else buy expensive cars, clothes, houses) and many other meaningless “interests”. Even as a child (and even as a teenager), I thought about how all “adults” are looking for solutions to such complex problems as creating a cure for cancer, sincerely work in their places, because they like it and solve the most important tasks of humanity. I imagined that each person is an irreplaceable mechanism in the overall system, without which it can seriously fail. The older I got, the more disillusioned I became with my “adult” life: the education system, employment, passing exams, imposed popular trends, etc. Even in high school, when you think that the professors who teach you will selflessly teach you, pouring unthinkable knowledge into your heads, you will be disappointed. While writing term papers, you will see how your fellow students buy the work or simply copy / plagiarize / translate the finished works from foreign languages, but in no case do they try to provide any of their ideas about the chosen problem (which they most likely did not choose based on their research interests, which simply do not exist). Everyone around you will discuss the news feed, and maybe even someone else's comments on this news feed, passing them off as their own opinion. Everyone will listen to approximately the same thing (music that has more money behind it), watch the same movies (the situation with music is also relevant here). But if you thought that this is all that people around you will look like, then do not rush – an incredible desire to “break through” in life is added to all this. Today, not being a millionaire means not being successful. Of course, if a “beautiful” life is advertised around like this, including a pack of Cuban cigars, an expensive car (not intended for the roads of Russia), huge apartments in the city center, a bunch of girls of easy virtue around and an absolutely empty schedule for the week, then this life will be put forward as an ideal that you should definitely strive for. But if this very “idol” is engaged only in smoking cigars, taking drugs and promiscuous sexual relations with just anyone, then he doesn't really need any aspirations and dreams – the image of a hedonist idol has already been formed. Are there any prerequisites for the fact that he achieved all this with incredible efforts and enrichment of his inner world, obtaining new knowledge? That's it. So let's think about it: we have now estimated what guidelines people of our time have, what education they have, and what needs they have. How can there be anything special here that would distinguish each person from each other? I admit the idea that in each of us there is still the same child who dreamed of seeing something that he so dreamed about when he was waiting for the stage of his growing up, but the fact remains.

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